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Congo, Tutsi, Obama and Michael Jackson

de Marius Tucă    |    07 Noi 2008   •   00:00

I have news. Good and bad. I do not know which to mention first because I do not know what is the good part and what is the bad part. However, I am sure I have come aware of two things that are new and I will tell them to you.

One could be better than the other or one could be worse than the other. So, I should begin somehow: we have general elections this year. This could be a positive thing, because we get to exercise our democratic right of voting. But it could also be a negative thing, because, no matter what we choose, the winners are almost always the same only they are fatter, wealthier, richer. However, the freedom to vote can be a good thing after all, if the candidates weren’t all uninominal fiddlers, bodyguards or outsiders, if the votes weren’t bought with butter, washing machines, refrigerators, liquor and TV sets, sewing machines, money or any other products of bare necessity like flour, cooking oil, milk, cheese or sausages. The bad thing is as bad as the good one, even though I could say the bad thing is as good as the good one and it comes from Congo. I bet you all remember Congo that everyone mentioned 4 years ago. There were a lot of people who thought of it as an emigration option. Well, I don’t think we would be able to do that again, because there is a Tutsi rebellion in there. So, the smart guys can take a look at Kenya if they take into consideration the most recent events. And, since we are talking about Africa, can anyone tell me what will happen with Michael Jackson now that Barack Obama is the new American President? Will he change the color of his skin, will he go back to the initial settings. Will the Jackson Five come back strong from behind?

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