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Tariceanu Is the Target

de Ion Cristoiu    |    16 Iun 2006   •   00:00
Tariceanu Is the Target

A public statement sent to the media on Wednesday, June 14 2006, by the leading board of the Conservatory Party accuses Traian Basescu of being behind the whole deal with the new files received by the CNSAS after a SRI-like mission. SRI is known for other previous wonders, like, for example, mistaking turkey for chicken. In the statement, as well as during the TV shows, Dan Voiculescu has revealed the unknown parts of a political battle.

All the recent events (the unexpected appearance in the press of several documents that shouldn’t have been secret in the first place, the fact that CNSAS (the National Council for the Study of the State’s Archives) received them right after Dan Voiculescu chose to run for the Vice-Prime Minister function) would have made us believe that this was politics-related even if Dan Voiculescu wouldn’t have said it.

16 years after the fall of the Ceausescu regime, the former Security is still leading the social-political life in Romania. The Security officers have never dreamt of having their documents at the basis of the political battle in democratic Romania. We have to mention that the IQ of several of these officers was pretty low and these documents are the results of chaotic bureaucracy.

We would be wrong if we thought that Dan Voiculescu was Traian Basescu’s target. Of course, Dan Voiculescu is a victim as well. However, he is not the most important one, if we think that the new accusation eliminates, partly or totally, the older accusation of Security General, who built their economical empire based on the former bank accounts of Ceausescu. Moreover, the electorate of the Conservatory Party is not at sensitive about the past of Dan Voiculescu as some might believe.

The target of this whole scandal is not Dan Voiculescu. Calin Popescu Tariceanu is the target.

What leads to such a conclusion? A fact that has nothing to do with the Voiculescu scandal. A fact that happened recently.

Traian Basescu took part in the opening festivity of the 2006 Bookfest. A fair organized by Gabriel Liiceanu and the group of anti-communist and anti-Security Taliban intellectuals that have an outright conflict with the Minister of Culture and Cults, Adrian Iorgulescu.

Adrian Iorgulescu is a NLP (National Liberal Party) leader, part of the Tariceanu group.

After Traian Basescu’s opening speech, Gabriel Liiceanu wanted to make Traian Basescu feel a little more proud. He stated that Traian Basescu kissed the place where Iliescu had spitted.

This is not what Traian Basescu wanted from his little journey into the world of books. The President wanted to show he had kissed the place where the Tariceanu group had spitted! The book fair is the bet of the little anti-communist and anti-Security group in the after-the-Revolution history fed from the nipples of the Soros dollars. When he noticed that liberal Iorgulescu had a conflict with this group, Traian Basescu quickly thought of cuddling it.

The motive is quite simple. This is the group that, a little while ago, was supporting Tariceanu. This is the group that booed Traian Basescu. The group that suspected him of having had suspicious relations with the Security. The group that accused him of refusing to incriminate communism.

It is a small group that decides the battle between the Palaces, because it is the hard nucleus of the Right.

Given the context of the battle between the Palaces, Calin Popescu Tariceanu thought he could convince Dan Voiculescu to accept the Vice-Prime Minister function.

Dan Voiculescu was seen as a former General of the Security.

The media couldn’t have started talking about this issue once again.

There were two reasons for this:
  • a) it didn’t bring anything new
  • b) Dan Voiculescu had won all the lawsuits regarding this issue

    A press campaign to treat the Dan-Voiculescu-informer-of-the-Security issue seems much more efficient. Against Calin Popescu Tariceanu of course.

    The one that promoted the new CNSAS law, under an emergency regime, the one that created the Court of Law for the Communist and Security Crimes, the one that accused the President of having unusually democratic relations with the Security, chose as ally a politician accused of having been an informer of the Security.

    The Dan Voiculescu moment is just one of the infinite moments of the war between the two Palaces: the one for the rough electorate of the Alliance, the anti-communist and anti-Security electorate.

    Until now, Calin Popescu Tariceanu had the initiative. Traian Basescu took over. Is Calin Popescu Tariceanu up next?

    Translated by Sorin Balan
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