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The Key to the Omar Disappearance: Ciprian Nastasiu

Autor: Ion Cristoiu 25 Iul 2006 - 00:00
The Key to the Omar Disappearance: Ciprian Nastasiu

After sixteen years of transition, we like to say Romania is a country in which the institutions kind of function. However, the fact the Number One Terrorist of the country could disappear without a trace makes the question "how was it possible?" a national issue. While striving to find an answer, the national media is facing an unprecedented manipulation. A manipulation that tries to take our eyes away from the key-character of the entire deal: Prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu. Ciprian Nastasiu is the prosecutor that took care of the investigation regarding the kidnapping of the three journalists. He went to Baghdad for several times, where he investigated Munaf and the famous Hadji. He went in the Iraqi capital on the 20th of May for the first time, and this happened before the setting free of the journalists. He made the temporary arrest warrant for Omar as well as the indictment for the arrest of the Syrian. By admitting the fact that the kidnapping was a diversion set up at Cotroceni, Ciprian Nastasiu became the man in the hands of which Traian Basescu put his political destiny. Because Ciprian Nastasiu could have talked to the press about this bluff at any time. Moreover, Ciprian Nasatsiu is the same prosecutor that investigates the Rompetrol case. If we admit the hypothesis that Traian Basescu is behind this investigation, than Prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu is the man that Traian Basescu chose for the mission regarding the arrest of Dinu Patriciu, as well as for keeping the secret of this other mission.

Well, after more than a year of work in the case of the journalists’ kidnapping, Ciprian Nastasiu commits an incredible thing. On the 26th of July 2006, the Bucharest Appeal Court had to judge the request of Omar Hayssam of being released due to serious health problems. Iulia Ciolca was the session prosecutor. Ciprian Nastasiu broke all the rules and replaced Iulia Ciolca and surprised the lawyers of Hayssam by demanding the canceling of the arrest warrant of Hayssam due to health problems. His decisive motivation: a simple note released on the 25th of April and signed by Dr. Constantin Tanasescu from the Rahova Penitentiary Hospital, which was made to reason the absence of the defendant from the session. Also to the surprise of the lawyers, Ciprian Nasatsiu does not ask for the monitoring of the defendant after the freeing. Judge Sofia Dumitrascu agrees with the decision. She had the reason. The accusation asked for the annulment of the arrest warrant.

Short Recap
The dream of all the prosecutors is to see the defendant convicted. Moreover, as anyone could see in the cases of Ovidiu Tender and Dinu Patriciu, the case prosecutor is doing all he can to obtain the temporary arrest of the defendant. For that, the prosecutor usually breaks the law. Let’s remember the number of stretches of attribution Ciprian Nastasiu committed to obtain the arrest of Dinu Patriciu. Or the same number for the case of Ovidiu Tender.

The prosecutor should have been the happiest man on Earth after taking a quick look at the hospital note. It is a simple paper, that doesn’t have the official stamp of the hospital as the law asks. If the lawyers wanted to use that, Prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu could have tore it apart in an instant. Ciprian Nastasiu does the exact opposite. After more than a year of severe harassment of Hayssam, he suddenly gives up and demands the freeing. He took the risk of not finding Hayssam ever. He uses the worthless hospital note in justice not to reject the setting free of the defendant, but to ask for it.
He did not stop here.

On the 27th of April 2006, a day after the freeing of the Syrian, the leading board of the Rahova Penitentiary starts an official investigation regarding the hospital note. (Another investigation that is still to end. Another strange fact!)

The media reveals this. All the people interested in the case have taken cognizance of it. Only prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu behaves like he doesn’t know the note is not valid. Therefore, he does not panic and does not ask for an appeal against the revocation, due to the fact that there are new elements in the file.

The key of this deal must be searched in the amazing change of opinion and attitude of prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu.

Doctor Constantin Tanasescu could have been bribed. If Prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu didn’t turn things upside down by taking the place of the session prosecutor, if he didn’t consider the hospital note as a very important document, if he was suspicious about the fact that the note had been released only one day before (the 25th of April 2006) and that it didn’t have any official stamp, if he didn’t become the defender of Omar Hayssam, the Number One Terrorist of the country wouldn’t have been free at present.

What happened to prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu?

Did he lack in professionalism?

Hard to believe!

On the 3rd of July 2006, he has been promoted as deputy in prosecutor of DIICOT.

Is he corrupt?

Hard to believe.

He is the man with the most trustworthy mission in the case of Omar: he had to go to Baghdad and investigate the people involved, to come into contact with the Iraqi authorities. He had to prove that Omar was the author of the kidnapping. He also had to put Dinu Patriciu in jail for good.

Ciprian Nastasiu accomplished his mission, he played by the Rules at Cotroceni.

Is it possible for this man to destroy his more-than-one-year hard work of sending Omar to prison by putting Traian Basescu in embarrassing position?

Hard to believe.

It is much easier to believe that Ciprian Nastasiu was ordered to do this. There was an order for him to free Omar Hayssam. The rest, the so-called disregard of the services, the getting out of the country, was the job of several other people, who also accomplished missions.

P.S. Yesterday, Ciprian Nastasiu has been released as the named deputy-in prosecutor. So what? When one follows an order, he is totally responsible for all the consequences. Including the one of being sent to jail!

Translated by SORIN BALAN
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