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The National Liberal Party (NLP) - Democratic Party (DP) Alliance Asks for Ilies

17 Iul 2004 - 00:00
The National Liberal Party (NLP)  -  Democratic Party (DP) Alliance Asks for Ilies

POLITICS - July 17 2004

The leaders of the NLP-DP Alliance ask for the resignation of the President Ion Iliescu, because Romania doesn’t have anymore a president to fulfill the demands of the Constitution for this function.


The NLP-DP Alliance spokesman, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, asked for this yesterday, following the TV show "Starea natiunii (The State of the People)", on TVR (the Romanian Television) on Thursday night. "The beliefs of Iliescu expressed by him on the national public television station in prime time clearly show that the President doesn’t fulfill his duties as chief of the state anymore. He obviously became a protective president and the main electoral agent of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)", said Tariceanu.

He said that during the entire period of this show, the President Iliescu "continuously praised SDP and criticized, all of a heap, the opposition, the mass-media, the former governing parties, without hesitating to teach everyone behavior lessons". Tariceanu said that he will address TVR to ask the station’s leader to have an equidistant attitude towards all the political parties. He added he will complain to the National Council of the Audio-Video (NCAV) also.

CRITICISMS. The Alliance’s spokesman also said that "a president that who doesn’t respect the laws or the moral principles has a great lack of credibility when he talks about moral signals". "The chief of the state has made incommensurate efforts to make Nastase and the other members of the Government appear as some sort of national heroes, which is far from the President’s attributions", the representative of the Alliance continued.

RECLAMATION. Tariceanu also complained about the "improper way" in which Iliescu tried to justify its six meetings with SDP. "During his meetings with Nastase, Iliescu didn’t seem to be interested in the Government’s state, nor in the integration, but only in the SDP restructuring, the party in which he intends to come back, in the name of his affection for it which he doesn’t even try to hide. He is free to feel attached to any party, but he should do that after the end of his mandate", concluded Tariceanu.


This is not the first time when the NLP-DP Alliance asks for Iliescu’s resignation. That is why during the show we have previously talked about the President stated that he is not to resign and that he will leave the Cotroceni Palace at the end of his present mandate.

"What is the motivation of that? I will leave at the end of this mandate", said the President. The chief of the state that the meeting with the Permanent Delegation of SDP from the 5th of July appeared after the demand of the Prime Minister Nastase which is also the president of the governing party. "All I did was to do my job and discuss and I cannot refuse the leading board of a governing party which comes for consulting", emphasized Iliescu.

Translation: SORIN BALAN

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