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The Romanian Which the Americans Have Started a Battle For

30 Iun 2004 - 00:00

EDUCATION - June 30 2004

Alexandru Radu has graduated from the "Tudor Vianu" National College from the olympics’ class, he had an average mark of 9.70 in the bacalaureat (the exam taken at the end of the 4 years of college), which he took in a special session. A few months ago he has been admitted in 12 universities in the United States. He chose Harvard where he will be studying Phyisics and Political Science.

He started studying Physics in the 7th grade, but he went to his first National Physics Olympiad not earlier than the 8th grade, which he graduated from at the School no. 159 in Bucharest. He continued going to the national and international Olympiads until the 12th grade. "During that time - between the 5th and the 8th grade - I used to go at 5 Olympiads, the Olympiad of Romanian, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and History. I had a lot of time for my own, but, generally, that’s because I liked the things I did", says Alexandru reffering to his first contests.


After graduating the 8th grade he went for "Tudor Vianu", the college that he considered to be the best. "This is the place where one can do a lot of things and I found here teachers who helped me each year for the National Olympiad, who helped me enter the national physics group". He has started joining this group since the 9th grade, but this took a lot of hard work and help from his physics teacher. "We already have a larger teaching program in "Tudor Vianu". We have a special performance centre that takes care of the Olympians. Mrs. Silvia Moraru, the college director, takes care of us. We have a lot of support in order to study and get excellent results", the newly admitted in Harvard gladly remembers.


He went for physics because this is what he likes. "I like to see the world surrounding me and to be able to analyze it. This is what I usually do, I examine the things that happen and physics is the rational way to do that." The future is pretty settled for Alexandru. He wants to do some research in physics, and, taking into account that he has been admitted in the Physics and Political Science Faculty in Harvard, he has a wide variety to choose from.


He had a wide variety to choose from also when he was admitted in 12 U.S. universities, most of the rectors sending also congratulations along with the invitations. "I started applying one year before my graduation. In order to apply one needs tests, recommendations, and a lot more. For the tests I prepared myself with the help of Mrs. Florina Maracine", tells us the graduate of the "Tudor Vianu" National College. He didn’t expect that the number of universities to want him as their student to be so large, because usually one is admitted in 2 or 3 universities, according to him. "I have applied for 30 universities. In order to send the tests at a university one needs to pay approximately 20 U.S. dollars. The first to take me was Duke." The Harvard confirmation came just one night before he left for the International Physics Olympiad. "It was about 2 in the morning and I was chatting to some friends on the Internet. The title of the mail from Harvard said there were information about the admission in it, and I thought that if there were no congratulations…But when I opened it: <>" It is the best University in the world and he will leave for it on the 4th of September this year.

Curriculum Vitae - ALEXANDRU RADU

He was born on the 26th of January 1986 in Bucharest. He studied at the School no. 154 and then at the "Tudor Vianu" National College. He was the general representative of the pupils in "Tudor Vianu" for three years. In the 10th grade he had been admitted in the Next Generation Association, where he was elected as the president of the pupils in Bucharest. "There have been true elections in the Children’s Palace in Bucharest, and there where present a few thousands of children", says Alexandru. There have been thousands of projects that I could have done, for example anti-drugs campaigns, dance nights for the teenagers, information campaigns. He started studying physics in the 7th grade because he liked it. "I have never thought I will get this far", he ads. His father is an economist, and his mother works in the medical environment. "I had all the support from them and they’ve always told me to do whatever I wanted."


"I like to see the world surrounding me and to be able to analyze it. This is what I usually do, I examine the things that happen and physics is the rational way to do that." - Alexandru Radu


"I had a lot of time for my own, but, generally, that’s because I liked the things I did, so they turned out very well."- Alexandru Radu

Translation: SORIN BALAN
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