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Basescu: To Be or Not to Be Informer

de Gabriela Antoniu    |    11 Apr 2006   •   00:00
Basescu: To Be or Not to Be Informer

Yesterday, Mugur Ciuvica made public three secret documents from the MND, according to which President Basescu has been an informer of the military counter-information organs. The Presidency denies the accusations.

Mugur Ciuvica has some secret documents according to which Traian Basescu had been an informer for the military counterintelligence organs between 1973 and 1976, when he had been a student at the Marine Institute. The identification of these documents has been requested to the MND (Ministry of National Defense) by the 2nd District Law Court for the lawsuit between Traian Basescu and Mugur Ciuvica and Maxim Badin (the two defendants).


Yesterday, with the help of a public statement signed by Mugur Ciuvica, the Group for Political Investigations (GIP) has shown "these documents of the General Defense Information Directorate (DGIA), part of the Ministry of National Defense, which refer to the cooperation between Traian Basescu and the Security." Contacted by Mediafax, Ciuvica said he had received the documents "from a third person" who was not directly connected to them or to the MND, but he believes these could be from a set of documents at the Ministry, due to the fact they have identification numbers. "The pages have been taken out of file", Mugur Ciuvica said. One of the documents taken by Ciuvica shows that Basescu had been an informer of the military counter-intelligence organs while a student of the Marine Institute, that he did not have a conspiratorial name, and that, in September 1976, when he graduated, the cooperation stopped.


According to GIP, the quoted documents are the first after-the-Revolution official, signed and assumed documents through which an institution of Romania, MND, confirms that the present Romanian President has been an informer of the Security. The statement signed by Mugur Ciuvica shows that the President has put out of commission General-Lieutenant Gheorghe Rotaru and General Gheorghe Nicolaescu. The first one, a former DGIA chief, is the one that requested and received the report regarding the cooperation between Traian Basescu and the Security, and the other one is a former chief of the Military Safety Directorate of the MND, the one that gave the report to General Rotaru.


The Group for Political Investigations informs it has sent the mentioned files to the CNSAS (the National Council for the Study of the State’s Archives), which, according to the law, should investigate ex officio the President of the country. They ask CNSAS to "request and to make public" all the documents in the MND SRI (the Romania Secret Services) archive that refer to the cooperation between Traia Basescu and the Security. The Group led by Ciuvica asks CNSAS to hear the evidences from the MND officers and under-officers who, after studying the documents in the Army’s archive, have confirmed that Basescu has been an informer of the Security. GIP reminds that, for 16 years, each time Basescu has been accused of having cooperated to the Security, the President said he had done it as a ship commander and that all the ship commanders had institutional relationships with the Security. In the same time, GIP reminds that Traian Basescu said he had cooperated with the Security only on technical matters. "This is also false. Student Traian Basescu supplied technical data to the officers of the Security", GIP says. They do not agree with the other statements of Traian Basescu, according to which all the students had to cooperate with the officers of the Military Counterintelligence".


The MND press bureau showed yesterday in a press release that "the documents that are taken into consideration by today’s GIP public statement have been made in the Ministry in order to answer to a request of the Justice. File no. 3990, dated November 9th 1973, which the documents refer to, does not exist at the Ministry of National Defense anymore. Therefore, the MND cannot offer any other information regarding the mentioned file".

"I did not cooperate to the Security"

"The Department for Public Communication has the power to make the following statements regarding the documents presented by the Group for Political Investigations: The mentioned documents have been presented by the Ministry of National Defense to the Court, in the lawsuit between Traian Basescu and Mugur Ciuvica, lawsuit that Mr. Ciuvica has lost being forced to pay damages of 500 million lei (ROL), in accordance to the final decision of the Bucharest Law Court. Therefore, following the lawsuit at the Bucharest 2nd District Law Court, through penal sentence no. 1421 of the public meeting on the 6th of October 2004, Mugur Ciuvica has been sentenced to pay damages of 500 million lei. We mention that the Court’s decision has been taken after regarding the MND documents, which GIP has made public today, as well. After Mugur Ciuvica’s appeal, the Bucharest Law Court, the second Penal Department, through the final decision no. 415 of the public meeting on the 14th of February 2005, Mugur Ciuvica has to pay damages of 500 million lei to Traian Basescu. In the same time, CNSAS has forwarded to the Court the address no. 521 on the 27th of September 2004, after the MND address dated August 16th 2004, which states that >. We emphasize that the Daily Register mentioned in the public statement has been shown to the press repeatedly since 1993.

President Traian Basescu states again that he has never signed an agreement with the Security and has never cooperated with the security as political police.

As for the putting out of commission of General Lieutenant Gheorghe Rotaru and Brigade General Gheorghe Nicolaescu, we inform that they have been put out of commission due to their age, at the proposal of the Ministry of National Defense".

Translated by Sorin Balan