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“Megapower” in the Frontier Deal

Autor: Dan Constantin 29 Feb 2008 - 00:00

Markus Hellenthal, vice-president of EADS, and Vasile Blaga started an ambitious program called “Megapower” in 2005.

Markus Hellenthal, vice-president of EADS, and Vasile Blaga started an ambitious program called “Megapower” in 2005.

One Billion euros – Lost and Forgotten files
In order to secure the Romanian frontiers, which became European frontiers on the 1st of January 2007, the most substantial endowment contract that involved the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administrative Reform was signed.

The budget sums that were given for this project reached one billion euros. Endowments with surveillance equipment and sophisticated means of movement and observation are included in the project. The contract was signed during the Nastase Government and was checked for several times after the change of Power. A series of responsible representatives of the MIAAR lost their jobs and were investigated by the Anti-corruption Directorate, but no legal actions have been taken.

Besides the political game and the media exploitation of the suspicions, the “Frontier” program is hardly progressing. The fact that Vasile Blaga left the Ministry brought another pause for the project and it all resulted in other delays. Certain specific measures have been taken to show the progresses of the project to the public opinion. However, short information on TV or in the newspapers will not stand for the thorough evaluation of the stage of the program, which has to be done by Romania as negotiated in the period before the adherence to the EU.

However, the “Frontier” program is carefully watched by the EU officials as well as by the leading board of the EADS group, the German branch of which is responsible for the contract in Romania. The information services are also observing the program since it is so important for the national security and for the relations with the Eastern and Western neighbors.

According to certain well informed sources, the Supreme Court for the Country Defense is to analyze the current status of the “Frontier” program and the MIIRA report will have to explain the delays.

Deutsch comes back
An interesting episode is to take place in this deal that spends public money. Sources inside the secret services have information about the contacts of Robert Deutsch with certain persons that take part in the decision departments of this deal. If the information is confirmed, this is the most spectacular comeback of a key-character of a political and economical scandal that rocked Romania in the first years of the last decade. Robert Deutsch was in the center of the “Megapower” deal in which Romania lost approximately 20 million USD. The company that took the millions was deliberately bankrupted and was considered a model of swindle. Robert Deutsch was presented by the Romanian press as one of the main responsible persons in the failed Romanian-American project, but he managed to stay away from the Court. He even won a press lawsuit, the case being considered an example of fight against the freedom of the Press.

Cornel Moldovan, the manager of IIRUC, associate partner of the deal, is the only one that was convicted.

According to certain information, Robert Deutsch studied in Moscow. He was close to the Stolojan Family, which was also involved in the “Megapower” deal. Will Mr. Deutsch come back as a person close to the Cotroceni Palace like during the first mandate of Mr. Ion Iliescu?

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