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The Costs of the Integration - 14 Billions for a Signature

21 Apr 2005   •   00:00
The Costs of the Integration  -  14 Billions for a Signature

Romania will pay 376,000 euros, meaning 14 billion lei, just for the moment of signing the Treaty of adherence to the European Union, in Luxembourg. The Romanian officials thought of entertaining their hosts with an artistic program, containing a concert of soprano Angela Gheorghiu, which will make the Government pay a lot.


  • FEES

    The Romanian officials’ departure for Luxembourg will be accompanied by a series of cultural manifestations, among which there is also a concert of soprano Angela Gheorghiu (photo), which will make the Government pay a lot. The fee for Angela Gheorghiu only is 120,000 euros, while the fee for the director of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Orchestra, Ion Marin, is 26,000 euros. 24,000 euros will be paid to the 86 members of the orchestra. The costs for the Romanian artists, with the related rights, will reach 175,000 euros. The concert of the soprano will take place on Sunday night, in the Neumunster Cultural Centre, an open amphitheater in Luxembourg. Angela Gheorghiu will "compete" against the "Mysteries of the Bulgarian Voices" vocal band, which will be brought by Bulgaria’s delegation to Luxembourg and will sing before the Romanian.


    33,100 euros, for the housing of the artists, will add to this. For Angela Gheorghiu, there have been rented the Royal Suite of the Royal Hotel, for 8,700 euros, the Royal Club Suite, for 2,460 euros, and the Executive Room for 1,760 euros. 36 double rooms, for 14,400 euros, and 14 single rooms, for 5,600 euros, all at the Parc Belevue hotel, have been rented for the Orchestra. The asked protocol for Angela Gheorghiu and Ion Marin for the period of the rehearsals and of the concert also reaches 1,000 euros. The limousine service for the soprano costs more than 5,200 euros, and the transport of the orchestra reaches almost 10,000 euros, for the plane tickets and local transportation.


    8,000 euros will be paid for shows of popular music and dancing as well. The housing of the dancers will cost 4,000 euros and their transportation almost 900 euros. For the singers, the Government will spend 2,400 euros for the housing and almost 500 euros for the transportation. The fees for the dancers (3,336 euros) and the one for the singers (almost 1800 euros), plus health insurances are added to this.

    The official receptions will cost not less than 23,000 euros, the promotional materials 8,000 euros, and the presents that the Romanian delegation will bring to Luxembourg will reach 5,500 euros. The officials have also prepared 7,500 euros for "diverse expenses". The manifestations will conclude with the planting of 27 trees, which will cost 7,000 euros. The trees will be planted in Schengen, and Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu himself will hold a speech at the unveiling of the plaque that will mark this moment.

    In Luxembourg, Romania will be represented by President Traian Basescu, as well as by Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu. The costs for the departure to Luxembourg of the artists have been approved by the Government and published in the Official Gazzette.

    Translation : SORIN BALAN

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