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The Poor Fellows in Iraq Diversion

de Ion Cristoiu    |    06 Feb 2007   •   00:00

On Sunday morning, President Traian Basescu started an incredible series of insults against several Romanian politicians. This is outrageous and totally against the image of a Romanian President, but also against the supposed circumstance in which people are different from monkeys mostly due to the brain capacity. For such an outburst, Traian Basescu should be suspended as the Romanian President and put into the category of the people without any elementary education.

This incredible offensive pushed into the background the real reason of the President’s angriness, the fact that the politicians said that the Electrician and the Carpenter, the two Romanians detained in Iraq, were members of the Romanian Secret Services.

Sadly, but true, Traian Basescu is known for saying things without bringing any proofs. The statements said on ProVest are in this category. None of the persons mentioned by him had said the Romanians detained by the Americans were members of the Romanian Secret Services. Those politicians emphasized an aspect present in all the official statements of the Romanian and American authorities during the scandal: the two had been detained under the accusation of espionage.

Pretending to forget all the things said by the Romanians and Americans, Traian Basescu kept saying about the two poor fellows that had filmed inside an American military base without authorization and got in prison for three months as war prisoners because of breaking the rules.

Yesterday morning, the Rador Agency broadcasted an interview with the two Romanians taken in a Romanian secret military base (which caused another series of questions).

After being sent to all the editorial offices, the interview has proved to contradict the statements of the President. According to their own confessions, the two Romanians had been investigated for approximately three months in special detention headquarters for terrorism. Supposing the Americans aren’t that dumb to mistake two naïve Romanians for members of Al Qaeda, it is quite clear that the Electrician and the Carpenter have been suspected for more than qualified stupidity.

Like in the case of the diversion with the journalists kidnapped in Iraq, the entire case seems shady. There are so many contradictions, illogical facts, direct and indirect lies in the scandal of the workers in Iraq that Traian Basescu could go live on TV to warn us again that we would find the truth only after several decades, when the Secret Services’ archives would be revealed.

The events that followed the Terrorist diversion in March 2005 have really proven that all the ones that doubted the statements of our authorities were right to do so. Omar Hayssam escaped due to a Secret Services’ related operation.

After causing a lot fuss at that time, the moment of the Terrorist’s runaway from the country passed away. Like in the case of the Terrorists in December 1989, nobody got punished for that. The one that got Omar Hayssam out of the country, prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu, is still on the job. And, in order to prove once again that Romania is the country of all possibilities, he had been given another obscure assignment: treason and espionage.

As a journalist, I did my own investigation in the case of the kidnapped journalists. I met a lot of question marks, which I showed to my readers and viewers together with my conclusion at that time, which is a banal truth now: it was all a deal set up by the Secret Services under the command of Traian Basescu.

The case of the detained workers raises a lot of questions as well. Enough questions to assume we are in front of another diversion.
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The Poor Fellows in Iraq diversion.
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Translated by SORIN BALAN
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