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Articole despre russia

An Answer to the Russian Challenge

BERLIN – For 19 years, the West (America and Europe) has been putting off answering a critical strategic question: what role should post-Soviet Russia actually play globally and in the European order? Should it...

A hypothesis

The small war in South Osetia leaves an obsessive question behind: did President Şaakasvili act without the U.S. consent? The small war in South Osetia leaves an obsessive question behind: did President Şaakasvili...

Realism about Russia

BERLIN – Russia’s strategy to revise the post-Soviet order in what it calls its “near abroad” will be pursued with even more perseverance following its victory over Georgia. Europe should have...

Crisis in the Caucasus and elections in the U.S.

What happens now in Georgia was perfectly predictable. Since the moment in which Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed its independence from Serbia, encouraged by the United States and by the majority of the European Union...

Watch for Russia: Things Could Turn for the Worse

Watch carefully the behavior of Russia. It will not stop where it stands, now that it suspended its participation in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe [CFE], which was signed in 1990 by member s...

We Are between Russia, Turkey and NATO

After we published an analysis from Jane’s Defense Weekly about the conjuncture alliance between Turkey and Russia against Romania for the securisation of the Black Sea seem to be very interesting for a lot...

Strategic Partnership with Russia?

Even though most of the time we are preoccupied with the "serious" issues of our politics, there is an external affairs issue that keeps appearing and disappearing from the headlines: the wonder regarding the bad (or...
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