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Jurnalul.ro Vechiul site Old site English Version Central Election Bureau releases preliminary 2 p.m. results of Sunday's polls

Central Election Bureau releases preliminary 2 p.m. results of Sunday's polls

01 Dec 2008   •   00:00

The Central Election Bureau (BEC) announced on Monday that 92.73 percent of the votes cast in the polling stations nationwide in Sunday's parliamentary elections have been counted.

The opposition PSD+PC Alliance (the opposition Social Democrats and Conservatives) got 33 percent of the votes for the Deputies' Chamber, followed by the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L) with 32.57 percent. Next are placed the ruling National Liberals (PNL) with 18.32 percent and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR, a junior ruling coalition partner) with 6.29 percent.

In the upper Senate house, the PSD+PC Alliance got 33.99 percent of the votes, the Democratic Liberals got 33.79 percent, the Liberals 18.49 percent and the UDMR 6.54 percent.

The other parties got less than 5 percent, said spokesman for BEC Marian Muhulet, adding that the votes in 16,789 polling station had been counted, from a total of 18,104.

The Municipal Electoral Bureau announced on Monday at 2 p.m. that the votes cast in 99.83% of the polling stations in Bucharest had been counted.

Thus, at Deputies' Chamber, PD-L obtained 37.52 percent, PSD+PC Alliance - 33.44 percent, PNL - 15.85 percent, while at the Senate, PD-L obtained 38.34 percent, PSD+PC Alliance - 34.84 percent, PNL - 15.52 percent, New Generation Party (PNG-CD) - 5 percent

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