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Why didn't the NAD intervene in the case of Romulus Mailat as well?

de Carmen Plesa    |    16 Mar 2009   •   00:00

A new theory in the case of the Valentine's Day rape: the aggressors could be the same people who killed Giovanna Reggiani. Romulus Mailat was sentenced for that crime. The journalists from Il Messagero don't refer to him as a "Roma" or as a "Romanian", but they call him a "Zingaro" (gypsy).

Romulus Mailat said throughout the investigation and trial that he was only the scapegoat in the Regianni case.

The investigations regarding the rape in the Caffarella Park, where an Italian teenager was raped a month ago, seems to lead to Tor di Quinto, the place where Giovanna Reggiani was killed. Romulus Mailat was sentenced for her death. Two people in the former camp used to frequent the same places with Loyos Isktoika, initially accused of raping the Italian teenager, but exonerated by the NAD (the National Anti-Corruption Directorate), announced the Italian press. On the day when he was caught, Loyos said he had raped the girl, but he withdrew his testimony afterwards. Karol Rácz, the one that Loyos indicated as an accomplice to the rape, said the authors of the attack were two very influential people in the camp, but he was too afraid to say their names. Il Messagero announced yesterday that the investigators were taking another look on the work of the Romanian who was the interpreter for the trial of Mailat. Several Romanian interpreters reported that there are some inconsistencies between Mailat's statements and the data reported by the interpreter. It seems that she has not translated those statements of the defendant regarding the existence of other persons when the aggression took place.


The defender of Mailat and some of the witnesses have claimed all along that there have been two or three other people at the place of the aggression and that Mailat was not the killer, but the investigators have not followed this lead. Moreover, the tests showed that the DNA of Mailat was not found on the clothes or body of Giovanni Reggiani, nor on the bag that was stolen from her. However, Mailat was the only person sentenced in this case. To 29 years in prison.

The conviction was based on the statements of a woman in the camp, who was not present at the trial. Moreover, the Italian authorities said the woman, who suffered from psychiatric problems, was unreachable, while the media in Romania has shown that she was at home, in Avrig. If until now,  the Italian press referred to Mailat as a "Roma" or "Romanian", yesterday's articles in Il Messagero speaks about him as a "zingaro" (Gypsy). In the past years, the Italian press has adopted the term "Roma", giving up on "zingaro", the popular term.

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