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2008 balance / A thousand Romanian in Italian prsions

de Ovidiu Ciutescu    |    08 Mai 2009   •   00:00

The police had a lot of work to do with Romanian felons 1,268 Romanian citizens were arrested in 2008 in Italy for various types of crimes, while the number of Romanians denounced in the same period is 2,487, announced Maurizio Masciopinto, Director of External Relations Office of State Police.

The total number of arrests made by the police in 2008 reaches over 47,000 throughout the Italian territory. "Behind the numbers, there is a lot of effort made with Romanian police ... This is how a problem that, at a certain moment in time, seemed a social one, is solved by a direct relationship.

The Romanian colleagues are in our offices, the Italian policemen are in Romania", said Masciopinto, cited by Agerpres, referring to the collaboration project initiated in 2006 between the Italian and Romanian Police.

The press conference held Thursday in the Piazza dell Popolo in Rome is part of the cycle of events that are to be organized in the following three days by the Italian police, under the slogan "Together, for more security" on the anniversary of 157 years from its establishment.

The Italian police chief, Antonio Manganelli, reported in an article that appeared on Thursday in the institution's magazine that, in 2008, the number of crimes committed on the Peninsula has decreased by 11.4% compared to 2007. This was the first year in which a decrease has been recorded after several years of continuous growth.

Manganelli referred to the need for the institutions of the parliament and government to take measures for the justice to be able to ensure the punishment of the felons. At present, the overcrowding of the prisons in Italy leads to mild punishments for less serious crimes, thus encouraging some of the felons.

The Italian police chief was also referring to the illegal immigration problem, showing that these people commit one in three crimes in Italy. Thus, Manganelli stresses that illegal immigration is not a "resource" for Italy. The Italian police have detained in 2008 over 70,000 immigrants without legal residence, of which only 8,300 were repatriated in the countries of origin.


      Translated by Sorin Bălan

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