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Basescu and Tariceanu’s Troops

de Marius Tucă    |    05 Iul 2006   •   00:00
Basescu and Tariceanu’s Troops

The Romanian political environment has started to follow the rules of the Basescu-Tariceanu/Patriciu war. No matter how many efforts the PM does in order to prove he is at war with the President, no one believes him. As worm, calm and candid as we know him, Calin Popescu Tariceanu would never start a war against anyone. Then, innocent and unconvincing, Calin Popescu Tariceanu is part of this war only because he is the PM, and Dinu Patriciu a simple citizen. The number one petroleum engineer of the country couldn’t have started a war against President Traian Basescu without having an entire Government or at least a few Ministries as support. Therefore, the Basescu - Tariceanu war is actually the Basescu - Dinu Patriciu war. The formations of the two sides are as follows! The Tariceanu-Patriciu side is made of all the politicians that have been paid by the petroleum engineer, all the ones that wanted to become Basescu’s pets and didn’t manage to, and almost all the politicians that wouldn’t be a part of the political environment, of the Government or of any other structures of the state if Tariceanu wasn’t the Prime-Minister. The Traian Basescu side is made of Traian Basescu, DP (the Democratic Party) and Theodor Stolojan and his people. Therefore, this war, the spectators of which we are without our will, doesn’t have anything to do with ideologies or principles, but with people. This means that "the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq" is no more than a tool for Tariceanu to "work on" Traian Basescu. We have to mention that the President is authentic, "because this is how he is in anything he does", Tariceanu, Patriciu & oil company strive to make up stories, ideas and scenarios to attack Basescu. An entire army of analysts, sociologists and take-heeders are paid with the state’s money to help Tariceanu for his war with Traian Basescu. As far as this war is concerned, the Prime-Minister doesn’t care about the Law, about the NLP (National Liberal Party), or about the Government, the Alliance, the Coalition, the Country. Dinu Patriciu is the only one that counts!

Translated by Sorin Balan

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