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Bechtel Halting Work for Lack of Funds from Romanian Government

05 Iun 2005   •   00:00

The work to the highway built by the American company Bechtel stalled because of lack of funding from the National Company in charge with road construction, stated yesterday Bechtel.

  • "We expect the slower pace of work to affect some 35% of the 685-strong work force. The individual work-contracts of the Romanian workers will be suspended while they will continue to receive 75% of their negotiated salaries," informed a press-release from Bechtel.

    The American company warned twenty one contractors it was halting part of the work, as it could not pay for their services. "It is regrettable, but from a commercial stand point it is untenable to advance our work in the absence of payment. (…) We trust the Government will take due steps for insuring predictable and certain pay, from credits agreed with the US Eximbank and other sources abroad," stated Francis Canavan, director for international affairs for the Transylvania Highway.

    Laszlo Borbely, minister for public works, said the budget for building the section of the highway, as planed for 2005, will be cut with 100 million dollars. The National Company in charge with road construction already owes between 70 and 80 million dollars to Bechtel for work already completed; the American company charges two million dollars for delayed payment. In order to pay the due debts, Borbely plans to borrow 100 million euros.

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