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Dan Voiculescu Showed Proof He Has Never Been a Member of the Communist Security

03 Sep 2004 - 00:00

POLITICS - September 3rd 2004

Yesterday, the HPR (the Humanist Party of Romania) president, Dan Voiculescu, addressed a public letter to the Romanians that we will show integrally.

"Dear Romanians,
Full stop and start over.

This is, mainly, the meaning of my letter today.
Was Voiculescu a member of the communist security, or not? This is a question, which you have probably posed to yourselves, which - more than that - might have made you uneasy or which simply got to your ears, but you never knew the answer.
Today I want to give the answer once and for all, and I want my answer to be listened, not just heard.
I owe this explanation to my family, to my colleagues, to my friends and to all the Romanians with full confidence. I owe this to my enemies, the ones that, without me doing anything to them, without me knowing, or even having to respect them as human beings, dragged me, without my intention, for forty years.
It is the moment in which this entire charade, badly directed by someone outside our existence, to stop!
I would like to give answers once and for all to all the questions and accusations addressed to me by people, whom I know or not, that feel this is the right thing to do.
I have been accused of being a member of the communist security and I responded back. The result: I have been accused of being the thief shouting at the others.
I have been accused and I remained silent. The result: I have still been accused of remaining silent due to my guiltiness.
I backfired in the Court of Law and I won. Actually, I don’t think there is anyone to have won. The Law Court simply did its job of saying who’s right and who’s not.
The ones who lost are all the people involved in the lawsuits.
The ones accusing me lost.
I misspent time, money, I lost a soul put to worry and fight against my will.
My family and my friends that, instead of being happy due to my smile, saw me dark and abstracted have lost.
My daughters that, being at an age when they should yet enjoy the childhood innocence, have lost when having tears in their eyes when the other kids having the same age were shouting at them things they didn’t even understood so well: "daughters of a communist Security member!".
I have lost those children whose character has been poisoned by their own parents that were probably speaking, in front of them, about people, facts and things they didn’t even know anything about.
The lawyers and the judges lost time and money.
The society lost, because the men of law did not defend them from thieves, criminals and real unjustness, in order to take care of false issues launched by people without any conscience.
To the ones that really believed that Dan Voiculescu is or was a member of the communist Security, as well as to those that know they speak the untruth when they say this about me, I say for the last time: I AM NOT AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST SECURITY!
Today I show proof that the one being accused of working with the Security was "schemed" by the Security.
I hope today will be an ending and a new beginning.

Sincerely, Dan Voiculescu 2.09.2004"


Yesterday, the HPR president, Dan Voiculescu showed proof he has never been a Security member. During a press conference, the humanist leader presented the prosecution file according to which he has been monitored by the Security. As an extra proof of the fact he has not been a Security member, Dan Voiculescu handed the reporters files containing his entire workbook, his soldier record, copies of several pages in the mentioned file. Voiculescu reiterated his decision saying that from now on no one should debate on this issue, warning that whoever would say anything regarding his supposed affiliation to the Communist Security, regarding a supposed Security like structure in HPR or regarding a supposed manipulation of some funds belonging to Ceausescu, would be sued. Dan Voiculescu won several lawsuits regarding this issue in Romania and abroad. The HPR vice president, Bogdan Pitigoi, proposed the initiation of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to take care of the problems about Ceausescu funds. As president of this NGO, he proposed Petre Mihai Bacanu and emphasized the fact that this is the conscience duty of the ones launching the theory of these accounts to explain it. A reporter presented a document in which Mugur Isarescu, the NBR (National Bank of Romania) governor, was writing in 1991 a letter to the RIS (Romanian Information Services) chief, Virgil Magureanu, which said "there were clues leading to the use of the funds of this company (n.r. - Crescent) for misappropriating some foreign currency funds". After that, Dan Voiculescu announced he is thinking about suing the NBR governor and that he will ask for a copy of Mr. Magureanu’s response. (Dana Piciu)

Translation: SORIN BALAN

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