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Former Gymnasts Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner Baptized Their First Child, Dylan Paul

de Catalina Iancu    |    28 Aug 2006   •   00:00
Former Gymnasts Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner Baptized Their First Child, Dylan Paul

We may not be aware which "the wedding of the century" was this year, but we can certainly tell which was the Orthodox baptizing of the year: the one of Dylan Paul, the first child of former Olympic gymnasts Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner.

The three-month old baby was christened in Los Angeles, California, were his godmother Anastasia Soare lives.

Once hailed as the first gymnast to ever score a ten in the Olympics Games, Nadia says now that her boy is her perfect ten, as she told to Australian Women’s Weekly.

Dylan Paul was a baby both parents waited for a long while to have. The couple married ten years ago. With Nadia turning 45, and Bart 49, they were one step away from artificial insemination or adopting a baby, when the miracle happened, and Nadia got pregnant for the fist time.

She sure took her time. Teodora Ungureanu, one of Nadia’s colleagues in the team competing in the Olympics has a 20-year old daughter, while Lavinia Milosovici, on the same team, became mother a few years ago.

Romanian Pro TV private television channel broadcast the event, with anchorwoman Andreea Esca on site.

Bart commented for the camera that his red car was "his baby" for a long while, but that "things have radically changed now."

Everybody was emotional, except Dylan Paul, who carried on his daily routine, untroubled by the fuss around him.

The ceremony took place Saturday, at 1 p.m., in the Orthodox Church in Los Angeles.

The party that followed took place at Anastasia’s home in Beverly Hills. She hosted the ceremony along Paul Ziert, the manager of both Nadia and Bart.

Anastasia, or the "queen of Hollywood eyebrows", as she is called due to her profession as a beautician, hired a well-known DJ, a pianist and a violinist for the entertainment section, and a catering company for the food. On the menu were fish and lamb on the grill, all sorts of salads and five cakes, each with different toppings, ice-cream and various cocktails.

The tables placed around the swimming pool seated ten guests each, and were decorated with blue and green flower arrangements.

Nadia arrived in Los Angeles two days ahead of the baptizing ceremony. Also present were her brother Adrian with wife Liliana, the Netoius and other friends of Nadia and Bart from all over the world.

For their Romanian friends who could not make it to the US the couple plans another party to take place next month in Romania.

Nadia and Bart planned to not plan their boy’s future, and let him choose the profession he would like. They want to introduce him, however, to gymnastics, and Nadia wants him to speak Romanian too. She is so much into motherhood that she does not even consider hiring a baby-sitter.

Bart is following her closely in his attachment to the baby. "Men in Romania are less familiar with changing dippers or bottle feeding the babies. We, in the US, however, are familiar with this hands-on type of fatherhood, and I will be no exception to this," said Bart.

"This is a true wonderful day. I am truly happy. It is a blessing to us to have a child at this age, and our friends around us. They came from Bora Bora, in South Pacific, to, of course, Romania. We are elated."

Nadia, for her part, said she knew even before the ultrasound exam that she was going to have a boy. "He kicked hard," Nadia recalled. She said Dylan Paul eats a lot and shows a strong will, as she did as a child.

Anastasia said Nadia changed a lot since becoming a mother. "She was constantly on the road, but now nothing can take her away from Dylan. Each time I call her she says she is with her Dumpling."

"He is a wonderful boy. We watch him and tell ourselves: look what we created - a beautiful dark boy with blue eyes," Nadia told Australian Women’s Weekly on June 3rd.

Translated by ANCA PADURARU
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