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Nati Meir: "Becali is coach at GRPP"

12 Apr 2005 - 00:00

The sensational revelations announced yesterday by the former GRPP (Great Romania People’s Party) member, deputy Nati Meir, actually proved to be a remember of the relationship between the deputy and the party from the lists of which he entered the Parliament.

  • POLITICS - April 12th 2005
  • Nati Meir
    The only tougher attacks in Meir’s statements targeted the party’s president, Corneliu Ciontu, and vice-president Lucian Bolcas. "I will ask Ciontu and Bolcas to shut up. I am a political person and I won’t reveal facts like who gave money to whom. I won’t do anything now. I want a nice goodbye from them. But if they don’t leave me alone, I will go to the authorities and say all I know", Meir warned. Actually, he gave another reason for hating Bolcas, saying that when he had tried to initiate some changes in the Chamber such that "a deputy shouldn’t be able to vote for another", the vice-president of the party replied: "What are you trying to do in here, do you want to put us all in jail, are you on your own?".

    APPRECIATION. In exchange, when talking about his relationship with Vadim Tudor, Meir had only praising words to use. "I guaranteed for him all over the world, and in Romania especially, I considered him my brother. I brought him one of the best strategists in the world, Eyal Arad, in order to help him", Meir said. He said Vadim promised him to "make him a deputy" and this is how it was. Actually, when another member of the Parliament called him names, Vadim was the person who phone called him and "apologized for five times" for the offense. Meir said that, from that moment, he was "half way out". However, Meir foresaw that Vadim "won’t remain in the political surroundings". Meir also talked about the counseling contract between Vadim and the Israeli Eyal Arad, where it read that in the magazines of Vadim (Great Romania and The Tricolor) there shouldn’t be any articles regarding the Jews, but Vadim didn’t abide this by publishing an article about the Jews the week before. The former GRPP deputy also said that the party paid only 40% of the sum dealt for and this is why Arad will sue Vadim in London, "because we don’t trust the Romanian justice system".

    ANOTHER REASON. On the other hand, Meir suggested that his departure would also be related to an approach between Gigi Becali and Vadim Tudor: "I come from soccer, and there, when a coach looses he quits. I can understand that now there is a new coach at GRPP, and his name is Gigi Becali. Becali’s connections with Vadim are splendid. One can see Ciontu and Vadim present at every match of Steaua." Meir added that he believed that Becali wanted to "unite the parties".

    PLANS . Meir wants to remain deputy for Tulcea and to continue the fight for freeing Cozma. "From 4 on the clock this afternoon I will be an independent deputy and I will take care of these things. GRPP was wrong. I wanted to do something good with GRPP, but I was wrong", Meir concluded.
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