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New pantyhose for Romania!

Autor: Ion Cristoiu 28 Mar 2008 - 00:00

The intersection of the two civilizations (the civilization of walking and the one of driving) produces complicated conflicts every day.

There is a pedestrian crossing a few feet away from the intersection of the Victoria and Dacia Boulevards. It is probably one of the most complicated ones on this street with high traffic in Bucharest. A lot of cars come from the Victoria Plaza. A lot of pedestrians cross the Victoria Boulevard. Most of them are students of the Academy of Economics.


The intersection of the two civilizations (the civilization of walking and the one of driving) produces complicated conflicts every day. When the first pedestrians courageously walk on the crossing, the waves of cars stop nervously and form rows that get to the Government’s Palace. When no one dares to be the hero of the pedestrians, the herds await on the both sides of the asphalt river.


Since I am a pedestrian, I often wondered why wasn’t a policeman close to this place to give a peaceful solution to this conflict between the ones that walk and the ones that drive.


On Wednesday, the 26th of March, a policeman was present at the spot I talked about. He wasn’t trying to cross over the great Boulevard, but to organize the traffic. He has a whistle for that and, unlike most of the policemen that I get to see in the intersections in Bucharest, he has a brand new vest and a cap that is whiter than ever.


Therefore, the authorities have realized that a police officer is needed in this intersection, I say. And, even if I didn’t write about it, the authorities did what they were supposed to do and tried to solve the problem.


This is what I would have written if I wasn’t a Romanian citizen. However, I live in Romania and I realized that the police officer didn’t get there because the authorities figured there was problem that they could solve.


The policeman was there because, next week, starts in Bucharest what the Romanian big-wigs say it is a great honor for our country: the NATO Summit. And this isn’t the only policeman that one sees across the Victoria Boulevard these days. There are two of them at the intersection with the Dacia Boulevard. Even if a few days ago, one could not see a single policeman in that area.


The former Mogosoaia Bridge, named the Victoria Boulevard to honor the Romanian heroes at Plevna, will have the honor to be stepped over by the wheels of the limousines with presidents and PMs in the entire world.


The armored limousines will pass very fast on the Victoria Boulevard on Wednesday, the 2nd of April 2008. Why do the policemen need to direct the traffic now?


This is a question that could be answered at by the paranoia of our authorities.


This is a splendid proof of paranoia. They think the great leaders will think about the fact that, a week ago, the pedestrians and the cars didn’t get along.


This isn’t the only absurd measure of our authorities, which proves a painful truth: stupidity is immortal. This is why the stray dogs were caught by the authorities in the areas near the locations of the Summit, why the mayors interdicted the sale of alcoholic drinks on both sides of the Boulevard as well as the hunting in the Timis County during the Summit.


It would have been normal for the authorities to place policemen on the Victoria Boulevard a long time ago. It would have been normal to cover the wholes in the road between the Otopeni Airport and the Parliament’s Palace right after the end of the winter.


It would have been normal for the road marks to be redrawn right after the disappearance of the snow.


The inhabitants of Bucharest pay taxes to have a fluent traffic, visible road marks and not to break their necks in the wholes on the roads.


It would have been normal in a normal country.


But Romania is not a normal country.


It is the country that wears new pantyhose when the sanitarian inspector walks on by.

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