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No great coalition, just a large opposition!

de Adrian Severin    |    09 Dec 2008   •   00:00

PSD won the parliamentary elections with a minimum advantage. This advantage offers it the possibility to govern or to refuse the Government.

Who is the crazy person wishing to be in a minority government or in a coalition during the worldwide crisis and under the pressure of an authoritarian populist President? Which is the party happy to accept such an image-destructive experience with only a few months before the European and presidential elections?

By showing a total lack in political culture, incompatible even with hypocrisy, President Basescu advised the parties to overcome the doctrinal differences because they will have to deal with the socio-economic crisis and its severe consequences. Or, the gravity of the situation itself requires maximum doctrinal purity for solutions to appear. For the (neo)liberals, the collapse of confidence in financial and capital markets requires saving the banks by injecting them with public money, meaning that everyone will have to solve their problems on their own after the economic blockage. The fact that the state will have only minimal interventions will allow the entrepreneurs to save themselves by self-restructuring actions that would involve speculations on the workforce market. Thus, the deadlock is resolved on behalf of the middle class, employees and pensioners, by killing the people’s savings and the social programs. After that, the game will resume as before. For the social-democrats, fighting against the crisis on short term means protecting the employment, savings and purchasing power; on medium term, it means avoiding the appearance of the people getting rich due to the crisis and rehabilitating the middle class; on long-term, it means the change of the system which led to the emergence of the problem. This is achieved by increasing the role of the state and by the political monitoring of a market in which the freedom of initiative will be regulated to exclude imprudence, greediness and irresponsibility by encouraging production and limiting speculation, by establishing certain fiscal policies that would allow both public investments in strategic projects (energy, infrastructure, environment, etc.). and developing public and social protection services (education, health, transport, etc.).

Of course, a coalition government requires compromises. They are built on the ideological identity, but not ignoring it. Staying in the opposition doesn’t lead to the confusion of the electorate. Ignoring the party’s identity surely leads to it. The party is the vulgus that chooses its values, but not the political bureaucracy that cannot live separated from the power.

The main problem is that the Romanians did not take the anti-PD-L medication. I mean against the neo-conservative, authoritarian populism. Fighting against an ideology or compromising with it is possible. However, one cannot fight against a mythology or negotiate with it. So, PD-L (the presidential party that started in the Socialist International and ended up in the conservative one) has become a myth. Many think that this party without values, principles, leaders, solutions or program, would be a governing option. It doesn’t even matter how it got here. However, the myth may be destroyed only by another myth, or by a radical confrontation with the reality, that is, by itself. If the Romanians cannot wake up from the dream in another way than transforming it into a nightmare, they have to face with the experience of a real PD-L governance. Otherwise, the illusion that it would have been better if it were different and the consequent social frustration coming from it will increase the gap between reality and myth, which would lead to the reality itself becoming a nightmare. A minority PD-L government for a short-term is exactly the necessary political vaccine. PSD, PNL and UDMR will form this way a great opposition. The opposition that may guard the country and democracy from the authoritarian-populist excesses of the Government by sending them away as soon as the spell of the myth would have been cast away. With no national crisis on our heads, we'll be able to deal with the global one. And, if PD-L governs well, there is nothing bad in that. A good Government for Romania is what we all want!

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