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Romania’s Calamities Keep Coming

de Marius Tucă    |    03 Iul 2006   •   00:00

It looked as in a dream, that the national flag had a little rivulet trickling down on it, which grew into a raging river. The experts in heraldic pondering over which thing best represented Romania arrived at the idea that flush floods did it.

The country was for the past years under the sign of calamities of all kinds, be they political or natural.

We opted for none of them and yet they all found their way into our homes.

Little rivulets, with names forgotten, turned into real rivers, and they kept flooding since 1989. So why not turn the flush flood into our national symbol?!

Of course, flush floods and calamities can take many faces, so, just as well, they may take those of the ministers of the environment, health or agriculture, respectively.

Either one of them.

Though the three characters may as well qualify for a Greek tragedy. Since Sulfina Barbu, Eugen Nicolaescu and Gheorghe Flutur, respectively, took office, all hell broke loose over Romania, as if the three ministers are the country’s bad omen or curse.

One may cry but also laugh at them.

Just look at Barbu and Flutur as they behave like grave diggers, showing up in the villages hit by flush floods to count the dead, as if they were war correspondents, and not officials representing state authority.

Or look at Nicolaescu, how he pats on the shoulders the elderly lined up in front of pharmacies which sell no drugs for lack of funding, telling them to be patient, as if death could be put on hold.

The three death correspondents dispatched at the scene may file their reports now: Lady Death works to their advantage.

Translated by ANCA PADURARU
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