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The Bad Weather Scared the Tourists Away from the Seaside

Autor: Iohanna Onaca Purdea 14 Iun 2005 - 00:00
The Bad Weather Scared the Tourists Away from the Seaside

The cold weather kept the tourists away from the seaside in the first half of June, and the travel agencies complain about the sales that went pretty bad for this period of the year. However, several hotels will have their list of prices increased after the 15th of June by approximately 10-15%.

Even though it is the holiday season, the Romanians didn’t quite jumped to going to the seaside in the first half of June. The rainy weather and the low temperatures seem to have caused this. The seaside tickets sales are beyond the ones recorded for the same period of last year, but the travel agencies expect that the number of tourists that choose the seaside to increase in July and August. "Counting from the first days of June to the end of the month, the total sales are 40% under the ones in the same period of last year", Lucia Morariu, president of the National Associations of the Travel Agencies (NATA), stated for us. The cause is the bad weather and the fact that a lot of the firms that used to give compensations for the holidays gave up on this system, explained the NATA president. "Last year, in June, we sold 50% to 60% of the tickets from the hotels with which we had deals, but this year we sold only 30%", the manager of a travel agency said.


The first summer weeks didn’t mean too much money for the travel agencies and the hotels, but they expect the tourists to invade the seaside in the next two months, even if the prices would be high. "The sales for the seaside have been lower in June due to the weather, but our clients made reservations for July and August. Instead, we sold a lot of trips to Crete, Barcelona and Costa Brava in this period", Roxana Balcescu, executive director of CMB Travel, stated.


As we already know from the previous years, once we go further into the season, the prices for accommodation and services get a little more higher. After the first half of this month, several hotels on the seaside will have their prices increased with an average of 10-15%. For example, until now, we paid approximately 780,000 lei at a three-star hotel in Eforie Nord for a one-night accommodation with breakfast included, but tomorrow we will pay approximately 900,000 for the same services. A one-night accommodation at a hotel in Olimp goes from 1,096,000 lei to 1,228,500 lei. A six-day holiday for one person at a three-star hotel in Mamaia went from 4,460,000 lei to 4,814,000 lei.


The tourists that want to go to the seaside in this period of the year have to settle for a lower number of trains than usual. Last year, for the summer, there were seven trains going from Bucharest to the seaside permanently plus the ones that could be used only in the summer. For now, due to the strike, the travelers that want to go from Bucharest to the seaside can go with only three trains, two to Constanta and one to Mangalia.
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