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The Fear of the "skeletons" discovered by Sorin Oprescu

Autor: Ion Cristoiu 22 Iul 2008 - 00:00

On Friday, the 18th of July 2008, when all the people were trying to get out of Bucharest for the weekend, Traian Băsescu thought he should call for a press conference. The reason: he had sent to the Parliament the amendments for the Law no. 10 in 2001.

On Friday, the 18th of July 2008, when all the people were trying to get out of Bucharest for the weekend, Traian Băsescu thought he should call for a press conference.

The reason for this gesture was presented by Mr. President himself: he had sent to the Parliament the amendments for the Law no. 10 in 2001, and knowing that "the law has a very big impact on both the tenants and the owners," he considered that, apart from a simple request for a review and a Press statement, he had an obligation to give "some explanations". The explanations of the gesture of sending back the amendments for the law are similar to all the public interventions of Traian Băsescu.
We're talking about the habit to really falsify the realities, starting from the premise that few know the truth and those who know it, his people, will applaud him until their hands will get red.
By using his well-known style of lying in front of all people, Traian Băsescu has labeled the amendments for the Law as a new nationalization process.
The changes were supposed to counter an illegality: the nationalization of the former tenants who became legal owners after buying the respective properties.
The journalists and the politicians started to wonder about Traian Băsescu’s intentions.
Some saw the intervention as a gesture of support for the property Mafia.
Others have identified it as an electoral maneuver.
It may be a supporting gesture for the Mafia.
But not an electoral maneuver.
Because the parties - including PD-L - have argued that the law took into account an unquestioned truth: the tenants that got in the street are meant to be an electorate far more motivated than the so-called owners who, according to the law, wouldn’t lose their homes, but an overnight fortune.
Our opinion is that the reason of the presidential press conference is different than the need to absorb like a sponge the electorate formed by the former owners.

The reason can be easily seen in an indication made by Traian Băsescu.
He wanted to draw attention that the firms that are told to be his have recently obtained contracts worth of 173 million euros from the Ministry of Transport. Subsequently, the Ministry of Transport showed that the firms did not get anything. They participated in an auction the results of which are yet to be established. Why did Traian Băsescu feel the need to lie?
Victor Ciutacu, a specialist in the business of Mr. President, who has published well-documented articles, showed on Sunday, the 19th of July 2008, during Zig-Zag with Ion Cristoiu on Antena 3, that those firms have benefited from generous contracts from Traian Băsescu when he was a general mayor.

Furthermore, Mr. President defended these companies by putting them under the sign of the collocation "Romanian builders", who should be supported to get contracts before the abroad companies.
It is a known fact that, subject to pressure from public opinion, the new mayor, Sorin Oprescu, is forced to give to the public details about the dubious business of Traian Băsescu and Adriean Videanu.
This isn’t only about the contracts with the close companies, but also about the incredible retrocession procedures in the cases Ciclop and Bordei.
In fact, on Friday evening During the “News of the Day” on Antena 3, Sorin Oprescu talked with Gabriela Firea about the terrible deals of the Mafia of retrocession with the previous mayors, deals about which the new mayor has important proofs, which he had found in the archives.
This is what Traian Băsescu is afraid of at the moment.
A campaign on these retrocession procedures as well as on the dubious deals signed when he was the Mayor of Bucharest can be counterattacked by Traian Băsescu only if they appear as an expression of a political positions in favor of the owners.
By rejecting the amendments for the Law no. 10, by reasoning his gesture in a press conference, Traian Băsescu has paved his way to counter the disclosures of Sorin Oprescu by appearing as a convinced capitalist.
He prefers the anticommunism to the Mafia!

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