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The Francophone Concern

de Marius Tucă    |    26 Sep 2006   •   00:00

No one asked the people in Bucharest whether they agreed with the Francophone Summit taking place in their city. This is how it usually happens. Nobody asks them about anything. "Fuck the citizen!", the Presidents, Governement members, city fathers, and accountants seem to say each time. "They should all stay in their houses and look at the officials passing by their windows". It is this kind of attitude that shows the actual interest in the citizens of the authorities in Bucharest. Let’s all not say we are Europeans and admit that Bucharest needed anything else but this "Sommet". How many inhabitants of Bucharest thought about this meeting day and night? Probably none. This is why the authorities have thought of fulfilling even the dreams we never had. I wonder if there would have been anyone to cry for the Francophone Summit, for the "unique lane", Jacques Chirac and, most of all, if anyone would have cried for a paralyzed city for three days and nights. We are told to use the trams and the bicycles. So much care for our health! We only have to thank the party, whatever the name of it, and our beloved leaders for the chance of being francophone inhabitants of Bucharest. We’re francophone citizens, dude!

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