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The unemployment rates increase every month

Autor: Elena Stan 16 Ian 2009 - 00:00

Thousands of employees will remain without a job this month. An increasing number of larger or smaller companies announce personnel dismissals throughout the country.

The critical situation of the economy has also affected the railway companies that carry goods and supplies.

In our country, most county employment agencies received notifications from many companies from different areas of activity on the personnel releases that are to come in the following period. In the first three months of the year, approximately 2400 people will be released in Prahova, over 300 people will remain without a job in Bistrita and 400 people will be unemployed in Slobozia. The release wave continues this year as well. At the end of last year, several companies in construction, clothing and industry have sent people home.

Next month, the Commercial Railway Transport Company will dismiss 500 employees. This measure aims the public transport of merchandise and goods in the country as well as outside the country. Pegamont Ploieşti will fire 135 people, Yazaki will fire 296 employees and three other companies in the construction and furniture industry will fire 500 people. The Romanian Star refinery in Campina will technically dismiss half of its 400 employees after January 25. The company could go bankrupt, because it was unable to recover VAT from the state worth of 40.8 million lei during the past two years, which led to lack of funds necessary for further work. Bistriţa also recorded an increasing number of unemployed. This month, more than 340 people remained without a job in Bistriţa. Most of the unemployed come from the construction industry, which is followed by the plastic manufacturing, health and tourism fields. The situation is even worse in the county because the available job offer is ten times smaller than in 2007. At present, there are 77 job openings, compared to 2008, when there were times with 800 to 1,000 vacancies. In the same time, Amonil, the chemical fertilizer manufacturer will let 389 employees in Slobozia go, keeping 483 employees at work. The company will use the intermittent operation of the facilities in the first quarter of this year because of the economic crisis and the decline of sales and prices.

The big international companies aren't doing better either. Motorola Inc. will fire 4,000 employees immediately, after it had dismissed 3000 people at the end of October. The measure takes the number of dismissed employees in the past two years to 17,000. In December, the company announced a decrease in the salaries of the employees occupying managerial positions, the freezing of the employees' salaries as well as the suspension of the payments for the employees' retirement fees. Carlsberg is also sending people home. The Danish beer producer released 270 people due to the uncertainties in the market. The measure will target the subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway and the Baltic states. The Finnish telecommunication producer, Elcoteq, will close four factories and will send 5,000 employees home, according to AFP. The other three factories to be closed are located in Romania, Russia, China and the U.S..

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