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U.S. Ambassador: Young people have no perspective

de Violeta Fotache    |    06 Oct 2009   •   00:00

U.S. Ambassador in Bucharest, Mark Gitenstein, warned that too many talents don't see their future in Romania anymore, that our country's prosperity depends more on SMEs than on multinational companies and that businessmen should be consulted by the authorities.

"No country can aspire to a long-term development if the younger generation doesn't see opportunities and a welcoming environment in which to invest their energies and entrepreneurial skills. I am afraid that too many Romanian talents cannot see a future here and link their future to other countries. The Government and the businessmen must focus their actions to make Romania a place of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners", the U.S. Ambassador said yesterday during the Romanian Economic Forum organized in Bucharest.

He also stressed that the authorities' decisions should be taken after discussing with the business environment representatives and not just taken out for public debates. Gitenstein also stressed that he would give special attention to the functioning of the judiciary system in Romania and assured that he would intervene, express and represent his compatriots whenever there will be U.S. companies or citizens that will indicate legal problems in Romania. He thanked the President for reconfirming Laura Codruta Kovesi as the General Prosecutor as well as for appointing Alexandra Gatej as presidential advisor.

• Translated by Sorin Balan

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