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Wheat and Weed

Autor: Mircea Cartarescu 05 Dec 2006 - 00:00
Wheat and Weed

The Conservatory Party decided to leave the Government and this makes us take another look at the political pattern. Unfortunately, we will join the European Union in a pretty bad political situation: an extremely weak Government flanked by a precarious Opposition. Sometime ago, I was wondering whether there existed any political parties anymore. Actually, we have never been in such a fragile political situation.

The Justice and Truth Alliance doesn’t exist anymore. The two parties at the base of it, which, due to the euphoria caused by the result of the elections, had wanted to unify, cannot stand each other anymore. Their marriage is a catastrophe and the divorce is very close. The liberals have to manage an internal identity issue that tends to result in two second-hand parties. PD (the Democratic Party) on the other hand, is an undifferentiated group of opportunists. I have never trusted this horde around President Basescu. PD is in such an amorphous state that it can go in any direction at any time, depending on the environment. DUHR (the Democratic Union of the Hungarians in Romania) isn’t a real political partner either and it has proven it more than once. The public good is too an abstract notion for this party built up on ethnical bases, a party that took part in the every Government. Therefore, the power is more brittle than ever. Actually, it cannot be called power. President Traian Basescu is the only one having the power in Romania at this moment.

The Opposition is also pathetic. Thank God, SDP (the Social Democratic Party) will never be what it had been. Even though it got rid of its two gangrenes, Iliescu and Nastase, the atmosphere is still too cloudy. Anyway, SDP forms the honorable part of the Opposition. Becali will soon get in front of Vadim and will become the main public enemy in our political environment. It’s up to us to stop the appearance of another stupider Berlusconi in Romania. He can still be stopped but not for long.

It seems that a minority Government with no support from the Opposition doesn’t stand a chance. In fact, this is an unpopular Government, with an extremely controversial PM. The before-term elections seem to be the only appropriate solution at this time. The President and PD, Dan Voiculescu’s enemies, will certainly win these elections. The liberals will be the great losers. Even if they would remain as popular as they were before the faction, they will have to divide in half. This is the drama of nowadays Romania. It is possible that the only historical party in the Romanian political environment to stop playing a very important role after the 1st of January 2007, exactly when Romania needed liberalism more than ever. In the same time, the popular parties, which rather look like hooligans and that feather the Parliament with all kinds of Cicciolinas, will blossom and suffocate everything. We are like in the biblical parable of the wheat and weed, but the other way around: we tear the wheat apart and leave the weed to grow. Anyway, we will soon get into the European Union, which is an undreamed of and undeserved chance, which we should benefit from as much as we can.

Translated by SORIN BALAN
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