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Where are our anti-communists?

Autor: Ion Cristoiu 18 Apr 2008 - 00:00

Several bugs from the toilet press of Sorin Ovidiu Vantu started cursing on us a few days ago. The reason? We questioned the naming of a former diplomat of the Ceausescu regime as the Minister of External Affairs

Several bugs from the toilet press of Sorin Ovidiu Vantu started cursing on us a few days ago. The reason? We questioned the naming of a former diplomat of the Ceausescu regime as the Minister of External Affairs. Are they stupid? No. They try to outsmart us. Using the money of the FNI victims.


When it got the power, the J.T. Alliance made a great fuss with the moral reformation of our political class. In the noise created by the press, Traian Basescu and Calin Popescu Tariceanu have started an actual socialist competition for convicting communism. Supported by a group of cultural profiteers, Traian Basescu presented to the public a report for convicting communism. In its turn, Calin Popescu Tariceanu started an attack against communism. He even supported a law regarding that and he initiated and supported a so-called Institute for studying the crimes of communism.


In the name of the stiff communism, Traian Basescu proclaimed the necessity of our diplomatic organizations not to have any ambassadors and councilors that had worked in the Ministry of External Affairs led by Nicolae Ceausescu. Therefore, numerous former members of that regime have been called back in the country and dismissed. Commandos in the press and the civil society started a mission to ease up the operation of political purification of Traian Basescu. In 2006, Evenimentul Zilei published a list with the ones that were supposed to be dismissed because they had worked for the communist regime.


At that time, I wrote several times that the only criterion that should be used to evaluate a person is competence, together with honesty of course. I was told it wasn’t true. The new society that the orange revolution was to build had to be based on new people with no connection to the communist regime.


Lazar Comanescu’s biography shows us a diplomat at the respectable age of 59, who entered the Ministry of External Affairs in 1972. We are not questioning Mr. Comanescu’s professional competence. Just that the quickness of his naming by Calin Popescu Tariceanu and of the approval of Traian Basescu brings a logical issue in front: Lazar Comanescu worked in the communist diplomacy.


Is he included in the same category by the Orange revolution for the case of the dignitaries and all other persons in Romania today? Lazar Comanescu was named the Minister of External Affairs of Romania. Not during the Iliescu regime, who used people of the communist period, but during the Basescu regime, which has the anti-communism fight as a logo. When was this regime correct? When it considered the former communist members should be dismissed, because the young representatives had to take their place? Or was it when they named a significant member of the communist regime as the head of the Romanian diplomacy? When did the intellectuals hired by both Palaces proceed correctly? When they harassed the representatives of the communist regime or when they agreed with the naming of Lazar Comanescu?

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