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Andreea Is Living Miscoci’s Nightmare

04 Mai 2005 - 00:00

The hard times that Sorin Miscoci is going through are fully lived by his fiancée, Andreea Costiuc. She has somehow developed a sixth sense. In every moment, she feels the nightmare that Sorin doesn’t seem to get out from very soon.


  • PLANS. Sorin and Andreea planned to get married at the beginning of September.
    For more than one month, in Sibiu, on a street with intense traffic, there has been one family that breathed in the rhythm of the mobile phones, of the news and of the questions that didn’t stop. It is the future family of Sorin Miscoci, the camera operator from Prima TV who, together with Marie-Jeanne Ion, Ovidiu Eduard Ohanesian and Mohamed Munaf, has been kidnapped 37 days ago in Iraq.

    Sorin Miscoci’s fiancée, Andreea Costiuc, a beautiful woman, with a soul of an artist, is standing in one corner of the room. She is desperately looking for answers and explanations in the eyes of the people around her.


    With the power of the person that had the courage of going to Medicine, Andreea devoted herself to theatre, and now she is a student at theatre critics. Maybe this is one of the things that make her bear the tragedy a lot easier. "They will be back, won’t they? Yes, they will be back for sure…", she repeats from time to time and one cannot say whether it is a question or self-encouragement. Together with her mother, Dana, and aunt, Liana, Andreea is like a fighter surrounded by trustfully allies. Personally, I have rarely seen such support, such care and affection. For her, but especially for Sorin. The man who won Andreea’s heart and gave her an engagement ring. Day and night, Andreea’s family beats as one heart, and only the people close to them can understand the meaning of this. An endless row of sleepless nights, of days too long for the waiting that seems to have ceased in receiving the expected answer: the release of the four!


    Ever since Sorin’s kidnapping, a candle is always burning, day and night, in the house of Andreea Costiuc. She is the guide that Sorin must follow in his walk back home. It is the place he is as waited as in his family’s house, which is between Sibiu and Abrud. Maybe, in such moments, getting closer to God is done by instinct, but this doesn’t doubt the sufferance or the faith of the prayers said in all the moments of a day. "Sometimes it is very hard. I think I am feeling the sufferance he is feeling there in Iraq. We feel each other a lot and we laughed more than once at the thought that we were able to feel each other’s condition. I believe he is very tortured there, I believe he would like to come back home, to get away from this nightmare", are the words that Andreea is fearfully and hopefully repeating. The holly pictures in the house have another meaning now, and the books with prayers are being opened more often and more faithfully. Help them, God!


    Most of the inhabitants of Sibiu are busy and indifferent to the sufferance of a family. This is somehow normal, if we take into account that half of the country is under water, poverty is everywhere, and ignorance is the number one rule in the day-by-day life. There has been one week since Andreaa Costiuc’s family, some of her friends and some inhabitants of Sibiu have started coming every day in the park in front of the Sibiu City Hall, where a marathon of waiting started. For three hours, between 3 and 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the people that wait Sorin to come back home come there to be together. They are less and less, but there is nothing discouraging enough. The people pass by, look at the posters…some of them look for the heavens, others say wicked comments, and the least of them stop: "They are still to be released! The poor people!". The words that don’t hurt are good enough.


    With gestures that you might guess after staying a little while with her, Andreea is looking for support in her personal mobile phone. She received the last message from Sorin on this phone. She received it a few hours before the thunderstruck news with their kidnapping. "Look, see, he wanted to come back home as soon as possible. He was saying he was hardly waiting to leave, that he didn’t like it at all"… Andreea takes a deep breath. The tears are stopped from falling. She always looks in vain and looks for explanations and balance in all the things surrounding her.


    Andreea and Sorin have been together for the past four years. He leaving from Sibiu to Bucharest didn’t tear the relation apart. Sorin was traveling from Sibiu to Bucharest to Sibiu very often. Most of the times, before going home, to his parents, he was visiting Andreea.

    Andreea and Sorin met each other during a casting for ProTV Sibiu. Sorin was a camera operator, and Andreea one of the contestants for a broadcaster job. She didn’t win the contest, but Sorin understood she was to be with him for the rest of their lives. "We kept a distance between us for more than two years. He came to Bucharest more than once just for a few hours to see me. There were times when he didn’t get to see his family", Andreea was saying. The memories are many. A lot of pictures and movies with them in the moment of their engagement and in the moment in which Sorin’s parents came to Andreea’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage are now the most priced treasure of the ones that wait for him to be back.


    Sorin’s departure for Iraq has been one for which getting ready meant a little more. Andreea and her family say that now they do not see with the same amusement Sorin’s jokes before his departure. Dana, Andreea’s mother, is the person that balances the family. Nevertheless, there is nothing able to repair anything for now. "You don’t know how much we laughed or how much he joked, saying this might be the mission of his life, that he was prepared for anything. He was obviously much scared than this, he said he had been prepared and warned about the danger, but he wanted to go and I don’t believe there could have been anyone to stop him", Andreea sadly, but optimistically concludes.


    In the past two weeks, the TV sets in the house in which Andreea lives in have rendered silent. No radios, not TV sets, nothing. "We have reached to harming ourselves by listening to all the stupid things and aberrations broadcasted on TV. There appeared so many specialists that every word said seems to hit us even harder. I don’t want to see any more news. If anything happens to Sorin(photo), good or bad, we will find out immediately anyway. I hope everything will be OK". This is the idea of the entire family, because in the Costiuc family sufferance is beyond words, and the support for Andreea should be admired and shared with the ones that are still to find out about the real meaning of the family.


    Non-Governmental organizations have sent yesterday to the Iraq’s Ambassador in Romania, Adel Murad Ali Murad, a letter through which they signal the necessity of an intensification in the efforts of the Iraqi authorities for the release of the four Romanians. The organizations ask the Ambassador to send to the Iraqi authorities the wish of the Romanian civil society that the actions for freeing the four should be intensified and propose the common mobilization of the authorities for the effectiveness of the releasing procedures. The letter also reminds the case of Florence Aubernas, the French journalist, and her guide, kidnapped in Iraq 117 days ago.


    The crisis of the Romanian hostages kidnapped in Iraq will be one of the issues that the Romanian External Affairs Minister, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, will discuss upon with his American counterpart, Condoleeza Rice, during his visit in Washington that started today. "We will certainly discuss also about the external affairs, about Romania’s external presence, we will discuss about the NATO reform. We will discuss about the way in which Romania can attend the projects of security and stability in the area of the Middle Orient, as well as in the immediate proximity, in the area of the Black Sea", the Minister said. (Irina Cristea).

    Translation : SORIN BALAN
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