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Average Bank Deposit Lowest In Romania

de Irina Crudu    |    21 Dec 2009   •   00:00

The average bank deposit for the average Romanian holds 1,034 Euro, according to the A.T. Kearney consultancy. This is less than the savings made by the average Bulgarian - 1,549 Euro, Hungarian - 2,764 Euro, Polish - 2,281 Euro, Czech - 5,870 Euro, or Turk - 1,196 Euro.

Not only the snap-shot places Romanians at the bottom of the list, but also their rhythm for increasing the size of their savings in bank deposits: if savings will increase at the current growth rate, than Romanians will match the Bulgarians in 80 years, the study found.

The aggregate size of bank deposits hold by the Romanian population continues to stay behind the one of the aggregate loans it took. At the end of the third quarter, bank deposits totaled 22.5 billion Euro, and bank loans totaled 23.7 billion Euro. The figures for the same period last year showed 21.7 billion Euro in deposits, and 25.7 billion Euro in loans.

• Translated by AAP

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