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Before-term Elections

12 Apr 2005 - 00:00

The before-term elections’ theme is an old one for Romania. At the beginning of the 90’s, the ones in the opposition used to emphasize it. Thinking they will get in power, were dreaming about before-term elections for four years in a row. After approximately ten years of transition, the idea of the before-term elections came to the ones in power too. Moreover, for a complete acknowledgement, in 2005, the President himself wants before-term elections.

  • April 12th 2005
  • Probably, it won’t be long until the day in which the Parliament will want before-term elections, no matter how paradoxical this would be. Until then, we are "satisfied with" this year’s before-term elections. Everyone talks about them: the parties in power, the ones in the opposition, the press, the electors, but no one knows how will they take place. There is a conspiracy regarding the way in which these elections will be initiated, as if our new Constitution would have "n" possible ways for this. Several members of the governmental coalition have released the idea of the before-term elections in a new presentation and at a new date: the Tariceanu Government will resign right after our country will sign the treaty of adherence to the EU. But, as they say, did anyone ask Tariceanu about this? Even so, what about us, the citizens that just voted last autumn, did anyone ask for our opinion? As one of the last polls read, we, and by this I mean most of the citizens of this country, don’t quite want these before-term elections. But who cares about what the people want when nowadays’ big guns are very much bothered by the so much invoked political instability? Let’s get serious and say this idea of the before-term elections is some sort of a dark man that the J.T. Alliance shows from time to time - usually when it’s not the case - to the DUHR (Democratic Union of the Hungarians in Romania) and HPR (Humanist Party in Romania), in the same way President Traian Basescu shows it to Prime Minister Tariceanu. I’m afraid that the people will have enough of the before-term elections even before they start, and, when they will be initiated, no one will trust in them anymore. And, more important than everything else, taking into account the great number of political eunuchs in our country, most of them, there will hardly be two or three politicians with guts to take part in the before-term elections. The rest is political demagogy…

    Translated by SORIN BALAN
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