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Central Bank Reserves Up 1Bn Euro In September

01 Oct 2010   •   00:00

Central Bank reserves went up 1.02 billion Euro in September, to reach 32.58 billion Euro. The move up comes after four months of constant decline, and is due to new entries in state coffers: the 884 million Euro sixth installment of the IMF loan came in, and so did the 1.15 billion Euro third installment of the EC loan.

In September 2.57 billion Euro entered the Central Bank reserves and 1.54 billion Euro exited.
The bank's gold reserve stayed at 103.7 tons, which is worth 3.202 billion Euro, according to the current gold price on the international market.

The overall Central Bank reserves, meaning gold plus hard currencies, were at 35.78 billion Euro by the end of September, compared with 34.79 billion Euro by the end of August.

The aggregate public debt due in October 2010 stayed at 90 million Euro.
Translated by AAP

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