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Jurnalul National, a New Record Increase of the Rating

16 Oct 2004 - 00:00

OBSERVER - October 16th 2004

The history of the National Rating Study (NRS) registered in its most recent round of measurements a new record. The previous one was also from Jurnalul National, which improved its earlier performance.

Almost half a million readers! To be more exact, 491,000. This is what NRS certified for Jurnalul National. The increase of 102,900 readers is an absolute record for the entire history of the Romanian written press research. The fact that the former top performance was also ours makes this a much more important record.

102,900 NEW READERS. If in the previous NRS round of measurements Jurnalul National won 100,300 readers, the present increase is even greater: 102,900. This leap put us in the third place of the general-information daily papers. These results refer to a one year period, the last half of 2003 and the first half of this year, to be more precise. This actually meaning only half of the time passed from the re-launching, the time when Jurnalul National lived the most important events of its life. The next NRS round of measurements will also refer to the second half of 2004, which is to confirm the Jurnalul National ascension.

PRESS CAMPAIGNS AND SUCCESSFUL CONTESTS. First, it was the modification from the end of last year, in the same time with the increase of the pages’ number. Then the first trimester of this year, period in which Jurnalul National increased tenfold its number of copies printed and its sales. This was the time in which, from the editorial point of view, it offered its readers the most interesting issues and the most resonant press campaigns. More than that, its readers had the chance of taking part in the inciting contests. There were weeks in a row when the number of printed copies increased continuously and in which the most frequent question we had to answer to was: "Where are you going to stop?". Well, each time we had to answer we’d never stop. And we kept our promise. So, we made a few more changes: the Collection Issue on Monday turned into a separate newspaper supplement, and the TV Guide changed its format and became a real magazine, which has 36 complete color pages. And, in addition, we figured out that the chances of winning great - and very many - prizes wouldn’t harm any reader, so we added to this success recipe few resonant campaigns ("Buy a Jurnalul License Number!", "All 3").

SERIES OF THEMATIC SUPPLEMENTS. Our decision of not stopping is more than obvious, since we cannot forget, not even for a moment, our goal. That of daily being read by at least 1 million Romanians. So, in the last months, Jurnalul National offered the most appropriate supplements: Athens 2004, Euro 2004, Student 2004 or The Direct Injection - automobile supplement. And this is only the beginning of a success fairytale. The Jurnalul National fairytale. Which is your fairytale as well, and here we mean you, the readers of Jurnalul National.


"These numbers aren’t at all a surprise for us, they are just the confirmation we owe to our partners when, at the beginning of the year, we were telling them we build a business which is dynamic, performing and profitable, all 3 in the same time." - Mihai Craiu, Jurnalul National General Manager


"What we did with Jurnalul National is the most important placed and won bet ever. When we will be in possession of the NRS data for the entire 2004 year I think we will reach our goal: Jurnalul National number 1 in Romania. And, each and every day, it should be read by one million Romanians. At the end of 2003, when we were working for the paper for the last day of that year, we said that, for us, 2004 will be the Jurnalul National Year. It was the idea that followed me and the entire Jurnalul National team all the time this year." - Marius Tuca, Jurnalul National Manager


More than one third of the Jurnalul National readers are young. 33.5% of them are aged between 14 and 34. If we take a further step, meaning to the 44 years limit, the percentage reaches to 57.5%. In addition, more than three quarters of them at least graduated the high-school; almost half of them (41.1%) have university education, which in numbers means 45,200 persons growth. One of the most important growths in the new measurement round of concerns the percentage of the private enterprisers or managers. From all the Jurnalul readers, 27.1% are in these two categories. As for the incomes, Jurnalul National can stir up envy: 23.3% of our readers’ families have incomes of more than 400 USD monthly. If we also think about the fact that two thirds of our readers live in the big cities (more than 200,000 inhabitants), we can see the clear of them: young, active, educated, with high incomes. So, all that a daily paper can wish.

Translation: SORIN BALAN

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