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On Cartoons, the Presidency and the Fall

15 Noi 2004 - 00:00

In the past two weeks of electoral campaign there was as much talk about the Dalmatian dogs than it was about any of the presidential candidates.

By MARIUS TUCA - November 15th 2004

Their name was on everybody’s lips overnight, when newspapers plastered on their front-pages the mixed bag of personal or political histories politicians had, likening them to the white-and-black spotted Dalmatians.
This is not fair to the beautiful breed of dogs, all the more so since they are unable to defend themselves. I protest on their behalf for them being associated with persons they have no connection to, really. I also protest on behalf of all those who got to love the beautiful creatures who acted as heroes in their childhood cartoons.
There was nothing wrong with them being different from others of their own kind. The Dalmatians made us truly believe that the weak, the meak and the many may sometimes win. When writing these words I suddenly realize that the Dalmatian cartoon heroes of our childhood seased to be only cartoon characters, while some political figures branded as Dalmatians took the opposite way, with turning themselves from real people into cartoon characters!
Since we are using the Dalmatian dogs for a comparison with current political affaris, I am wondering why no one thought about using Cruella, the notorious villan, for branding a local politician with her name. Poor little Dalmatian dogs … Since I started mentioning politics, one other thought coming to my mind is that the speeches delivered by the candidates for the presidency are as difficult to differentiate as it is difficult to tell apart two Dalmatian puppies. They all want to take Romania out of endemic corruption and poverty. How boring! How noble, and yet, what a display of poor imaginative discourse. Why is that? Because, according to constitutional provisions, the president does not have the power to eradicate poverty and corruption.
This is the unfortunate truth. Then what is left of the speeches and the promises our candidates make? Not much. Maybe, though, their huge desire to get the position in the Cotroceni Palace [the office of the Presidency].
And yet, is this enough [for them to get the job]? I feel the references they make in their speeches to poverty and corruption are somehow void of meaning. And I also believe we should not agree for anyone to run only for the sake of preserving the democracy.
After all, this is the highest position in the State, and applying for the job should be a serious matter, and the applicants should not be a laughing stock.
Or else, if this is the way things turned to be, a laughing matter, then we truly deserve a joke of a president.
I end here my notes with asking if you noticed these past days how fiercely autumn fights to not give way to the winter. The fall’s beautiful canopy vibrates painfully clinging to one more day of life down to its last vein in its last leaf. Good bye fall, and hello ocean of words …
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