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Some Presidential Candidates’ Fortunes

10 Noi 2004 - 00:00

POLITICS - November 10th 2004

The Presidential candidates, registered on the parliamentary lists, made their fortunes public, and their statements are listed on the Deputies’ Chamber and Senate’s websites.


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DECLARATION. Running for presidency and also for Deputy Chamber, Adrian Nastase, was updating his declaration of fortune
Unlike the Presidential candidates, the Parliamentary candidates are obliged by the laws to make their fortune statements public on the websites belonging to the institutions where they stand as candidates.

SDP+HPR. Adrian Nastase, the SDP (the Social Democratic Party) + HPR (the Humanist Party in Romania) National Union’s candidate, owns 4.8 ha agricultural land, 2.75 ha forest lands and 0.07 urban terrain, an apartment, a Mitsubishi, two current accounts - one in lei, valuing 342,826,599 lei and another one valuing 103,487 dollars, both in Romania, and a bank deposit of 103,027 dollars. Nastase also holds 11,200 euros obligations and a farm in Cornu. He also declared his icon, stamp, decorative, book, furniture, carpet and weapon collections. His wife Dana holds 0.36 ha agricultural land and 0.25 ha urban terrain, 1/4 of an apartment and another 2/6 of another, a vacation house and an account 39,398 euros and a claim of 330,000 dollars. Rents valuing 5000 euros every year add to al these incomes.

DUHR. Also a candidate for a senator place in Mures, the DUHR (Democratic Union of the Hungarians in Romania) leader, Marko Bela, holds 5.5 agricultural land, an apartment, a house to live in, a Renault Clio, banking deposits of 21,000 euros, and 4,000 euros respectively.

GRP. The GRP (Great Romania Party) leader, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, which also stand as candidate for a senator place on the party’s lists in Bucharest, states he has a four roomed house to live in, he owns two publications and a publishing house that bring a total income of approximately 5,000 euros yearly. In the same time, the GRP leader declared his famous autographs and bibles from all over the world collection. Vadim says he has no banking accounts, not in the country, nor abroad, has no car no claims or any other goods that could bring him any other incomes.

DF. Petre Roman also runs for a new senator mandate in Bucharest on the DF’s (Democratic Force) lists. He owns a land of 1,500 square meters in Sinaia, two cars (a Renault and a Peugeot), a bank deposit of 5,100 dollars and other two of 4,000 euros. His wife, Mioara Roman, holds the equivalent value of a third from the apartment inherited from the parents - 35,000 euros.

NGP. Also candidate for a senator mandate in Vaslui, Gigi Becali owns 350 ha of agricultural land, 26 ha of forest land, 350 ha urban terrain, 17 ha of waters. He doesn’t own a house, but he owns a BMW and an Audi A6. He has 350,000 euros in banking accounts, claims of 119 billion lei, an agricultural farm with 100 sheep, cows and five horses. He is associate or stockholder at three companies. The total value of his forune is estimated by Becali at 450 million euros.

Translation: SORIN BALAN

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