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The Easter of the SMS

03 Mai 2005 - 00:00

In the past years, the hard years of transition, when we talk about Christmas or Easter we must talk about the SMS. Days in a row, a Christian religious holiday, is marked by the technology and the lamb. On Easter, the light fell so hard on our souls that we’ll hardly ever get it out of there. The same thing happened to peace and love.

  • May 3rd 2005
  • The mobile telephony, like the light, has entered so much into our lives that, between gulps, with your hands dirty of mustard, we must compose some message about happiness and peace. However, the madness of the SMS begins on Friday. Somewhere around noon, the first messages appear and they talk about the happy holidays in long sentences, because there is still a lot of time until the night of the Rebirth. If Friday marks the beginning, being quite an ordinary day, Saturday, the last day before Easter, the messages’ storm starts. We all join the "reel of peace, quietness, joy and love", all of them sent using the SMS, and we leave it a little at the middle of the night to go to the Ceremony of the Rebirth. After a short, well-deserved break, after taking the light, we start it all over again reaching to something like "May the God’s Rebirth bring quietness in your souls and homes, a lot of joy, healthiness, happiness and wealth. Happy Easter!". Like it or not, after coming back from the church, you leave aside the food you’ve waited so much for and start writing before the received messages get cold, before the light turns off. You fall asleep with your phone in your hands and thinking of the lamb in the oven calming down at the thought that the next day, "when peace would have reached your soul", you’ll eat plenty of it. If you somehow let your phone on overnight, thanks to the mobile telephony companies that are not able to deal with all the messages on the Rebirth night, you’ll get up at every two minutes due to the messages sent to you a few hours before. When peace didn’t get to reach our souls or houses. Well, the happiness is everywhere.

    The next day, early in the morning, before eating anything, you have to digest the messages that came during the night. Because during the night before the line was very busy, busier than ever, until lunch time you have to deal with this problem. Your friends, relatives, pals, brothers, colleagues, passers by, people you know and don’t know and all the others that sent you the messages don’t wait. You have to move fast, because the food you didn’t get to eat last night will appear in front of you again. At the end of the day, of the Easter, you realize you have barely eaten anything, because you spent a lot of time with your hands on the phone. However, you are contented and especially full of "light, joy, peace and happiness!".

    One of the messages I receive on Easter, Christmas, New Years Eve or my birthday is: "May the greatest luck in the world and the greatest money bag hit you hard and the cask with happiness fall on you".

    "Happy Easter!"

    Translation: SORIN BALAN
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