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The Macovei Doctrine

Autor: Adrian Năstase 09 Iul 2008 - 00:00

The latest hobby of Traian Băsescu is to be estival prophet. He explains everywhere that we must expect a negative report from the European Commission this month regarding the judiciary system in Romania...

The latest hobby of Traian Băsescu is to be estival prophet. He explains everywhere that we must expect a negative report from the European Commission this month regarding the judiciary system in Romania, that - under these conditions – the monitoring of this area will continue and it is the fault of the magistrates, who are not doing what he says. I do not know how the report will be, but I know how the Romanian justice looks like after three and a half years of his mandate.

At the beginning of 2005, the "authorized institutions" were required to begin as quickly as possible the investigations of certain persons from a list that started with my name. What an honor! Having the conclusions drawn before the investigation, "the anti-corruption prosecutors" have quickly got to contradict the reality. The facts, normally judged, did not allow them to begin the investigations. So, they got to building another reality. On one hand, the great records they all discussed about have come to refer to stupid matters of the law: windows, sanitary installations, pools that were actually, bathtubs, bunkers that were mandatory ALA shelters. On the other hand, the procedures have always been illegal so the justice had to reject the continuation of the investigations.

The consequence: the President and the related NAD have the opportunity to shout all over the country about the "dirty" deadlock in the fight against corruption. A part of the media seemed concerned about the "records" and the justice, without ever knowing the content or the legality of the investigations. This is how one creates the image of a guilty and uncooperative Nastase, without the need for any trial, nor a Court.

This way, the analysts that have never supported me have started to notice that the fight against corruption is blocked by a NAD for which the justice has come to reject an incredible share of 80% of files for procedure problems. This scheme that works in the blank on public money is based on the "Macovei Doctrine" released in 2005, according to which the procedures do not matter when you are facing such a high goal as anti-corruption.

The happenings that regard the President now have a simple explanation. The electoral year that follows finds the Basescu / PD-L couple in a slow but sure decline. The only issue with which Basescu was able to capture the attention and to transform it into a vote was the justice. But justice is blocked and the issue is less and less interesting. The President would like it to be re-launched from outside the country, possibly from the European Commission. This way the Romanians would be shown again guilty people and angels and this would be the only issue that could bring some results once again. That is the reason for which Basescu and Monica Macovei have started an intense lobbying abroad, with the help of politicians and of certain kind newspapers. The agents of influence are used to conduct a major operation carried out from outside: the war against the entire nation. It must lose for the doctrine of "Macovei" to win and political opponents to be stigmatized.

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