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The Romanian Humanist Party is Getting Ready for General Elections

23 Aug 2004 - 00:00

POLITICS - August 23 2004

The league of the locally elected members of the Romanian Humanist Party (RHP) held its first meeting yesterday, set its priorities and elected its Leadership Council. The League gave the RHP National Council the mandate to decide the policy for political alliances with a view towards the general elections.


The over 600 RHP members making the party’s National League of Mayors and Local Councilors asked the Extraordinary National Council of RHP, meeting on September 5, to set up and vote on the party’s policy for alliances to the general elections in November.
The RHP president, Dan Voiculescu, confirmed that the RHP will continue negotiating its pre-elections alliances both with the [ruling] Social Democrat Party and the [opposition] Alliance of the National Liberal Party and Democrat Party.

Voiculescu said though that the RHP might also go alone for the parliamentary elections.
Romeo Stavarache, the RHP vice-president, stressed on the need for the general elections to insure the party a significant role in Romanian politics. "The RHP must become an important force on the Romanian political scene during 2004 / 2008 [electoral cycle] because we are a party that is willing and able to change Romania for the good of the people. Our duty is to give back Romania to the Romanians at the November 28 elections," said Stavarache, the mayor of Bacau city.

The RHP’s National League of Mayors and Local Councilors will be presided over by Romeo Stavarache and a bureau on which stand Florin Anghel, Eugen Durbaca, Victor Mocanu and Dumitru Buse, presidents of the County Councils in Prahova, Galati, Buzau and Valcea counties, respectively.
The League will work for strengthening local autonomy and propose programs for the economic and social development of the localities.
Two of the youngest RHP locally elected officials, Daniel Ierimie, 24, mayor of Livezile village in Alba County, and Silviu Tanase, 26, deputy mayor of Targoviste city, showed that the party officials must serve the citizens and the communities when holding positions in the local administration.

"We want to prove that our age is a plus towards our ability to solve the issues of the communities that elected us," said Tanase.
At the end of the meeting the RHP representatives headed by president Dan Voiculescu went to the headquarters of the National Council for the Study of Securitate [former communist intelligence service] Files, to make official requests for the opening of their own files.

This move was prompted by the need to stop speculations regarding the RHP membership, which alleged that the RHP consists of former Securitate members.
"This is a blatant lie that keeps surfacing. Those that make such claims do not know the truth and smear over 140,000 party members. I believe some just aim to gain politically from such lies, while others simply cannot stand the idea that there are parties made of honest people in Romania," said the RHP vice president, Codrut Seres.
"As soon as we will get the files we will make them public hoping for the people who unjustly attacked us to have the decency to apologize," said Stavarache.

Translation: ANCA PADURARU

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