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The School Miss

Autor: Crina Dunca 03 Oct 2006 - 00:00
The School Miss

Ioana Boitor, the 17 years old girl from Satu Mare who finished second the Miss World Contest, which took place in Warsaw on Saturday, cam back home on Sunday night.

The young girl who was also crowned Miss South Europe had her parents accompanying her. Her family and very close friends, as well as the Satu-Mare prefect, Radu Bud, waited for her with flowers at the Petea Customs.

COMEBACK. Yesterday morning, Ioana Boitor went to high-school for the first time since the beginning of this school year. Her colleagues and teachers also welcomed her with flowers. Ioana is in the eleventh grade at the "Mihai Eminescu" National College, the best reputed high-school in Satu-Mare. She studies mathematics and informatics. Her first day at school was pretty agitated because she went to classes when the journalists from the TV stations and local and central newspapers were not keeping her from doing it. All her high-school colleagues congratulated her during break-times. Her colleagues appreciate her and say she is a normal girl for her age. Her teachers see her as a "balanced, dependable and modest person, a girl who doesn’t blow off steam even if the pupils of this college come to school driving BMW X5 and use 500-euro phones." The headmaster of the "Mihai Eminescu" National College, Ioan Pop, characterized her as "an average pupil of the best class of the high-school". Ioana is also a member of the high-school basketball team and she was assigned as the President of Jury in a Beauty contest for the freshmen, which is to take place next month.

BALANCE. Ioana knows she will have to do things in a manner in which it will allow her to continue the studies and take care of the new career. On the 24th of November, she will leave on a tour around Europe together with other Miss World competitors. The Young Girl from Satu Mare says she is yet to hear from any international modeling agency. However, she really wants to graduate from the "Mihai Eminescu" College and to study architecture afterwards. The result of the contest in Warsaw amazed the entire city. The young girl started her modeling career this year in July, when the owner of a modeling agency in Satu Mare, who saw her during a basketball game, suggested her to take part in a casting in Cluj. It took her three months to be voted as the second-most-beautiful girl in the world, the best Romanian performance at this beauty contest ever.

OF GOOD-STATION. Ioana’s family has a good financial situation. Her parents work for a furniture company in Satu-Mare, a company that produces chairs for export mainly. The company’s owner is Ioana’s uncle, Gavril Suta, one of the most known businessmen in the furniture production in Satu-Mare. Her father, Mircea Boitor, is the company’s financial director, and her mother, Mirela (the owner’s sister), is the export director. Moreover, the Satu-Mare prefect, Radu Bud, wanted to welcome Ioana as she came back in the country. Ioana and his son are classmates.

Translated by SORIN BALAN
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