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The Small National Assembly

Autor: Adrian Năstase 24 Sep 2008 - 00:00

There is a blind fight on our political scene at the beginning of this electoral campaign. Despicable attacks, tactical blockages, backstage video games, ineffable polemics... This is why I will try to give an example of cooperation between parties.

There is a blind fight on our political scene at the beginning of this electoral campaign. Despicable attacks, tactical blockages, backstage video games, ineffable polemics... This is why I will try to give an example of cooperation between parties. A few days ago, Mr. Emil Boc proposed a smaller parliament. He proposed to transform the two chambers of the legislature into a studio. There could be people saying that this approach of the intellectual mayor in Cluj is a populist gesture. The Parliament has a bad image; it's easy to attack it. And the idea of decreasing, even insignificantly, the state’s expenditure may appear as an electoral benefit. Ultimately, we would pay less for the making of the laws and there would be more money for curbs and luxury cars.

But I do not want to think so. I think Mr. Boc wants to make the legislature more useful and more functional. So I join his political philosophy with some of my ideas and hope that the experience that I acquired in the parliament may be useful for this.

The unicameral parliament - which could be called the Small National Assembly - seems to be just a shy start for a greater reform. A single chamber is a good idea, which deserves to be completed. What if we had a single chamber with only one deputy? The President himself? That way we elect once for two institutions and remove, I hope, any disruption between them. An additional article in the Constitution might provide that the President should be named Traian Băsescu for ever. In this way, we wouldn’t have to get through the emotions and the Sunday elections. Sure, many pervert people could change their names over the night, hoping they could become president. Therefore, we need something extra. I will let Mr. Boc make the choice. "Traian Băsescu, the one who has not lost the fleet?" "Traian Băsescu, the one who did not know anything about the political exchange with PRM?" "Traian Băsescu, the one who complained about the fraud in the elections after which he became President?" This matters less, it is important to clear out things.

There is something else. The President should be Head of the Government. This is how we would stop any conflict between institutions from the very beginning. It's an American model that works and I do not want to hear voices saying the American Presidents are elected, but not named. If America really had law and order, it wouldn’t have got in the economic crisis nowadays!

Sure, the next step is well understood. The President should be the chief of the Romanian Post as well as of the unique poll institution, of the church, of the railroads and of the professional football league. He reads our letters, he knows our confessions, he stops our trains and chooses the champion that will represent us in the League. All these are little details compared to the great advantages of not having to discuss anything, to play anything and of leaving anything as it falls!

Too many decisions in this country come after lengthy debates. Too many think they have something to say! There is no sense in hoping that what we call political class could improve, that the voters would know better what is good for them. If we want order, we should have fewer and smaller institutions. And we should also know from the beginning, who is the legal leader of them!

I hope that Mr. Boc does not mind that I spoke about his initiative. I do not claim intellectual property, I want only to do well and that's it. Besides, I would not find it useless for all the texts in the Constitution to be amended only at his initiatives. Sure, the law should define the differences between Mr. Boc and Mr Basescu. I know, it's difficult, but what is simple in this world?

P.S. And as far as the parties are concerned, a new order could be welcome. There are too many parties and they are rather unruly. Wouldn’t it be a more effective solution to have only one party led from Cotroceni?
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