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The Social Democratic Party (SDP) Restructured, the Government Reshuffled

12 Iul 2004 - 00:00

POLITICS - July 12 2004

SDP has a new leading board. The Permanent Delegation of the party has been dismissed, and her place has been taken by the Coordinator Bureau.

In other words, there are only 7 of the members of SDP that kept their job. Most of the new comers are ministers which are to leave their jobs in the Government in order to help more the party. So, besides the party’s restructuring there will also be a cabinet reshuffling.


The four ministers that are to be a part of the Coordinator Party of SDP - Dan Nica (Communications and Information Technology), Gabriel Oprea (Administration), Ilie Sarbu (Agriculture) and Marian Sarbu (The relation with the unions) - are to resign from their jobs in the Government. Rovana Plumb will also resign from her job the chief of the National Authority for the Consumers Protection.


The new ministers will be the Secretary of State Petre Daea (Agriculture), the Secretary of State Adriana Ticau (Communications and Information Technology), Gheorghe Emacu (Administration) and Bogdan Niculescu-Duvaz (The relation with the social partners).

Another changed minister is Elena Dumitru (the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity). This job will be taken over by the senator Dan Mircea Popescu, which has had this job during the Vacaroiu Government. Elena Dumitru is to be the Counselor of State in the Government.


According to Nastase, the Romanian Prime Minister, the reshuffling is to take place at the middle of this week, when some secretaries of state and some prefects might be changed. Nastase announced the assignment of Alexandru Popa, his youngest counselor, as the chief of the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments.

This job has been available since the former chief, Marian Saniuta, left for the Minister of Administration and Internal Affairs job.

Nastase Inclined to Run for President

The SDP president, Adrian Nastase, said he will be the SDP candidate for President "if this is the best solution for our party and for the country". This should happen after the Congress in August. "I don’t intend to hesitate in running for president if this is useful for the party and for the countries behalf. We want to see what the best strategy is for SDP. If this is the best, I’ll accept", stated Nastase. He believes that the SDP candidate should be elected following a poll. "I’m not interested about Lia Roberts’s and Stolojan’s positions in the polls, but the best solution from the party’s point of view", added Nastase. He considers that it is important for the SDP members to know that there is no "direct candidate". He believes that his party made a big mistake when, in the local elections, chose the "automatic methods" and thought they will win.

Translation: SORIN BALAN

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