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Who Ruled Romania?

de Marius Tucă    |    30 Oct 2006   •   00:00

It is hard to understand the nerve the officers with the espionage agency, or SIE, had when they denied Varujan Vosganian, Romania’s candidate for the European Union Commissioner, was a collaborator of the former Securitate.

Some of them knew about Vosganian’s collaboration and failed to inform President Traian Basescu beforehand.

Last week Liviu Turcu was the one to break the news of Vosganian’s collaboration with the Securitate in an article carried by Jurnalul National.

In this Monday’s issue Jurnalul National carries Turcu’s scathing analysis of the political system in Romania. Turcu is a former officer with the espionage division who defected to the West just before the fall of the communism.

Read Turcu’s analysis to understand how Romania’s politics is ruled from the shadows of the intelligence services, which blackmailed and manipulated the political leaders stepping into the limelight.

As Turcu put it, one step towards turning the situation around would be to find out "who is indeed responsible for the decision inside SIE to pick and choose which files are handed over the authority in charge with studying the files of the former Securitate, or CNSAS."

In other words, we should find out who were and who still are the puppeteers manipulating Romania’s politics.

The CNSAS should stop spreading around the fine nets, and finally turn to fishing the big fish.

It is high time to find out who are the public persons whose files documenting their past as former collaborators or officers with the Securitate were miraculously lost.

We should find out these facts not to castigate them, but to finally know who the people making the decision to lose those files were, and thus really ruling Romania.

Translated by ANCA PADURARU
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