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A predictable coup de theatre

de Ion Cristoiu    |    16 Dec 2008   •   00:00

The press has automatically presented Theodor Stolojan's withdrawal as a coup de theatre. This is the result of the media’s hunger for sensational as well as of its incapacity to reveal the underground of our political strategies.

In our opinion, the gesture of the named Prime Minister is not a coup de theatre. Or, whatever, is not an actual coup de theatre: a moment absolutely inexplicable. More facts tell us that the early withdrawal was somewhat predictable. The one in October 2008 is one of them. Beyond the electoral tactics of the JT Alliance, aimed at taking by surprise the enemy called PSD, one of the causes of soap-opera moment, which remained in the history as “Dear Stolo”, was the psychological fragility of Theodor Stolojan. Simply, the presidential candidate of the JT Alliance gave in under the pressure of the electoral campaign.

A similar thing happened these days. The new alliance, PD-L - PSD, required and requires an extraordinary psychological resistance. Resistance to the reactions of the media and of the public opinion. Resistance to the out of the ordinary tension caused by the extremely tough negotiations for the ministries. He escaped from this point of view a significant detail during the signing of the so-called Pact for Romania. In the painting of the hallucinating agitation in the protocol room from the Senate, the appointed Prime Minister, theoretically the most important man of the moment, occupied a secondary place, not to say an unimportant one.

The central seats belonged to the two presidents of the parties and, especially, to the local barons of PSD and PD-L. The scene has proved to be more than significant for the role that the two formations were giving to Theodor Stolojan. More likely, when it got to the most important stage for the formation of the new government, the appointed Prime Minister realized that he would not be able to lead the future government team. Not just because PSD is a ferocious negotiator when it comes to levers of power, but also because the Stolojan wing of the PD-L had not been assimilated by the PD wing. During the negotiation for the ministries, the PD group tried to impose its people. Theodor Stolojan has his people in PD-L. Faced with this situation, the head of the PDL group, has realized that he would be PM only on paper. Not only in terms of ministries, but also in terms of governmental decisions, he would have had to put into practice all the decisions of the leaders of the two parties.

Theodor Stolojan’s withdrawal was predictable if we think about the things that took place after his naming on the 10th of December 2008. Even though the gesture of Traian Basescu was expected (Theodor Stolojan had been the PD-L proposition for the PM position), the part of the media that has strong connections to Cotroceni started a virulent campaign against Theodor Stolojan. As if the fact that the President appointed Theodor Stolojan had been a surprise, the propagandist artillery of Cotroceni destroyed Stolojan based on past facts. Everything that has been said and written after the appointment of Theodor Stolojan was known for a long time.

It is clear that the virulent campaign against the PD-L leader hid Traian Băsescu’s intention to get rid of Theodor Stolojan. It was a very simple reason for that as well. There is no doubt that in reality he was always just a tool for Traian Basescu. From this point of view, Theodor Stolojan is Boc, but just a little taller. Only that, unlike Emil Boc, Theodor Stolojan does not have the public image of trusty servant for Traian Băsescu. Mr. President has played as he wished with the country and made it seem he was stronger than he really was. Unlike Theodor Stolojan, Emil Boc is the absolute puppet of Traian Basescu as far as the public opinion is concerned.

So, yesterday, the 15th of December 2008, we witnessed a new sketch of a soap opera written, directed and interpreted by Traian Băsescu.

Obviously, it came with the unconditioned support of Theodor Stolojan. Because, as you all could see, Theodor Stolojan has left us under the impression of a man that had taken the decision after a nervous breakdown.

A man sick of the trade for ministries, as the deontologists of Traian Băsescu will try to present hi to us, who would have also notified us about his departure from PD-L and, eventually, from politics. Theodor Stolojan did not just take this unnatural decision, but, moreover, he suggested that his replacement would be Emil Boc.

The one that the President had appointed in an instant.