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Basescu - Alliance Break, a Great Political Error

Autor: Gabriela Antoniu 06 Iul 2005 - 00:00
Basescu  -  Alliance Break, a Great Political Error

President Traian Basescu considers that a break between NLP (the National Liberal Party) and DP (the Democratic Party) and the separate participation in the eventual before-term elections would be a big mistake and a political error.

Monday night on BBC, the President took part in an interview in which he emphasized that the correct decision, as far as the political point of view is taken into account, is the keeping of the present alliance of the two parties and their participation as a team in case of before-term elections. "I think the breaking and the separation for the elections would be a big mistake and a great political error. From the political point of view, the right solution is the Alliance as it is for the eventual before-term elections.
I don’t believe that, now, a separation of the two parties would be a solution and, from the political point of view, the before-term elections shouldn’t be taken care of separately, because these two parties have signed a protocol valid thru 2008, which ties them together. The temptation of saying now that DP is tougher than NLP is wrong. There was a specific fragment in the message I sent to the Democrat Party’s Convention in which I clearly supported the agreement and the protocol valid thru 2008. In my analysis as a political person, the two parties don’t have the right to go separate ways before the legislative elections in 2008", Traian Basescu said. By these statements, Basescu replies to DP president, Emil Boc, who said on the 12th of June that "it would be ideal for us to win the before-term or the on-term elections, to be the party which coordinates the Romanian political stage".

ANTICIPATION. The President also said that, "for now, due to the unsettlement inside the J.T. (Justice and Truth) Alliance regarding the before-term elections, it would be too late to talk about this issue". However, he didn’t deny that it might be taken into consideration in the autumn after the presentation of the country Report of the European Union.

DANGER. The Constitutional Court will announce its decision regarding the legislative proposition for the property and justice laws today and there is a chance that a negative decision might appear. Asked about the justice’s perception for the European integration, Traian Basescu answered: "No, categorically no. Rejecting the legislative proposition for which the Government took full responsibility it certainly means the missing of the 2007 objective".

Traian Basescu also said that "we have the obligation of pushing things in any circumstances until the country report, no matter the position of the Constitutional Court".

Yesterday, at Radio Romania Actualitati, where he was invited, Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu had been asked about the consequences of the activation of the saving clause. This was based on an INSOMAR survey according to which most of the Romanians consider that the postponing of Romania’s integration in the EU is possible and they are not concerned about this perspective. "Let me tell you something: I don’t think it would be the greatest tragedy if Romania’s adherence was postponed for one year either. But I believe that, from al the points of view, Romania should adhere to the European Union at the 1st of January 2007, as it is possible in the adherence treaty", Tariceanu stated.
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