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Prince Charles Tours Monasteries in Southern Romania

12 Mai 2005   •   00:00
Prince Charles Tours Monasteries in Southern Romania

Prince Charles is visiting Romania since Monday evening. He toured so far the best known monasteries in the Horezu region, in County Valcea. Charles is not accompanied by his wife, Camilla.


  • Charles did not pose for a picture with the nuns at Manastirea Dintr-un Lemn
    The British Royal visited yesterday Manastirea Dintr-un Lemn monastery. Tens of nuns were cleaning hours before Charles’ visit. The official motorcade arrived around 1 p.m. Five cars of the Romanian Secret Service blocked the entrance into the monastery. Charles got out of the care dressed in a light colored suit and immediately entered the premises of the monastery. The mother superior welcomed Charles and explained him all the details related to the past of the monastery. Charles visited also the cells the nuns are living in and was impressed with their frugal life-style. The nuns, however, were pretty upset because Charles did not pose with them for a picture they hoped to capture on their digital cameras.

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