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The National Interest Has Died

18 Ian 2005   •   00:00

By MARIUS TUCA - January 18th 2005
It sounds bombastic, almost fantastic. And, as if it weren’t enough is not a part of any of the repertoires of a rap, dance or jazz group. Can you imagine a jazz song, ambitiously named "The National Interest!".
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Every Romanian should at least tremble at the hearing of the "national interest". Unfortunately for the people who turned legal all kinds of making fun of everything, the national interest is no more. It has been invoked and used so much during the recent years that it ceased to exist, literally and figuratively speaking. It has died in horrible pains, suffering from all the possible and impossible martyrdoms. Being used as a whore for the solving of the political, economical or social wants, the national interest, disgusted with all the perversions he had to bear, has finally reached his end in an absolute anonymity. This comes as a surprise after years in a row when, in the crisis moments especially, it was what everybody was seeing as a final solution.

Poor, without any meaning, naked, without anyone caring about it, without anyone mourning for it, the national interest died like a simple citizen that even his neighbors forgot about. Actually, it died a long time ago, but dead as it was, it was stubbornly showing its face out in the world, hoping for anyone to remember it. It wanted at least a Christian funeral: with candles, with a ceremony, with a procession, with dust thrown onto the coffin, and with some alms, if possible. He wanted to see all the mendicants saved by it in different times of our history, to see them crying with tears of pain on their faces… It wouldn’t have been able to see all of that, without anyone knowing about its death.

Fellows, the national interest has died! God bless its soul! Nobody will forgive us for this!

Translation: SORIN BALAN

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