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The President Was Right

Autor: Mircea Cartarescu 12 Iul 2005 - 00:00

Traian Basescu was right once again. I admit that I contradicted him as well this time. I was against the before-term elections, especially after Iliescu’s fall. At that time,

Traian Basescu was right once again. I admit that I contradicted him as well this time. I was against the before-term elections, especially after Iliescu’s fall. At that time,
I was writing that there was no point in beheading SDP (the Social Democratic Party) since it had beheaded itself. My opinion was that the Tariceanu Government was going well and that it should have been left to work. It seemed that things were going smoothly and that an extreme political gesture to trouble them would have been bad for all.

However, it seems that SDP isn’t a giant with clay feet, but a hydra with many heads, as many as the institutions of the SDP state. The beheading began with the Cultural Institute, the national television and radio, the places where it could happen a little bit easier. However, the essential institutions, the state’s actuators, destroyed by a communist background, remained. Iliescu fell, put down by his people in a veritable parricide, but a lot of Iliescus remained in the party in key positions. They do all they can to hold down (even if it destroys Romania) the engine that should take us in the civilized world. These structures, which once put down Constantinescu, cannot be defeated by a normal politics. Because, as it was recently seen, our political life is inside THEIR Constitution, THEIR laws, THEIR institutions. They did it all during the former mandate with the unique goal of remaining in power. Respecting the political game in these conditions would mean something like taking down Ceausescu by constitutional means. To finish the SDP hydra once and for all, we need to continue the revolution, and this is what many of the commentators, who keep finding all kinds of informalities in President’s decisions, don’t understand. They might be informalities, but SDP isn’t quite the most fair party either. This is a life and death fight. We didn’t like the President that abided the laws and that was put away in 2000, together with our hopes. Now, we have to like the President that brutally pulls the carpet under the feet of the enemies.

The present Constitution isn’t a good one. It must be modified. If we don’t do this, we will have endless incidents like the one now, with the Constitutional Court. This is because the former Constitution wasn’t made to protect the property and the justice. It was quite the contrary. How should one be fair in an unfair world? The Constitution might lead one to find out that it is forbidden to adhere to the European Union or to any other oddity that the old wise representatives of the Court, all the SDP crocodiles, will proclaim from high up their Olympian stand. Any of the teams that will come to Govern after the elections this autumn should have as primary goal the modification of the Constitution.

If the before-term elections were held when the President asked for them, a few months ago, we would have had a political checkerboard pattern capable to front all the political challenges. We had the illusion of normality for a while and we needed a very cold shower to realize the actual situation, which is far from normal. We underestimated the force of Iliescu’s party (I am sure Iliescu will come back) even if it is in agony. I forgot that the fight against corruption, in Romania, is, for now, Traian Basescu’s fight against SDP. There are no other major political forces here, now. This is the eternal fight of David against Goliath. A few months ago, I didn’t support the President’s idea.

Fortunately, I don’t think this is too late. The Alliance - Basescu is included here of course - looks good in the surveys. The SDP is surprised by the moult and it is more vulnerable than ever. In their stupidity, the enlightened SDP brains will go to the old solution: bringing back the banished grandma. They will go down to their knees for her to get back. Moreover, they will go to lawyers’ tricks to push as far as possible the date of the elections. Thank God Geoana is one of the Presidents together with Nastase and that other guy (I keep forgetting his name) who’s always ready for a move, because the SDP will have very bad results in the elections. It will lose the presidency of the two Chambers, a lot of places in the Parliament and this will be the end.

I said once that the Romanian Revolution had two periods: the red revolution in 1989 and the orange one in 1995, which continued it. Nevertheless, as long as SDP, the successor of NSF (the National Salvation Front) and RCP (the Romanian Communist Party), can harm our poor nation we cannot consider the Revolution ended. We have one more step to take for winning the normality.
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