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The Sci-Fi Pregnant Woman

02 Sep 2005   •   00:00
The Sci-Fi Pregnant Woman

A Sci-Fi case happened in Constanta. A 37-year-old woman lived for nine months under the impression she was pregnant, but, when she was supposed to deliver, she found out it was all a lie.

However, she began to look like a pregnant woman and her breast is ready to feed the baby. The name of the doctor that performed the artificial insemination on her is Albota and he works at the Constanta County Hospital. The N. family from Constanta has been trying to have a child in the past 14 years. They followed several treatments and surgeries. One year ago, they heard about a famous doctor in Constanta who was recommended to them by several people. One of their girlfriends told them he had been the only doctor to help her give birth to two children. From that moment on, the N. family gave unconditional trust to this doctor.

THE STORY 11 months ago, on the 10th of October, the woman has been called by her obstetrician, Popescu Albota, at the 6th floor of the Constanta County Hospital for the artificial insemination. She was told not to tell anyone about this, because she wasn’t allowed to do it. "The insemination was done with a catheter and a syringe. This happened on a Sunday. On Thursday, she was called for a vaginal eco and the doctor told her she was pregnant and she was about to have a baby. Also on the 10th of October, the doctor prescribed her a treatment, which he - the doctor- bought and administered to her. They weren’t in packages, they were bulk. The N. family has tried to identify the pills that were administered to Catalina N., but they didn’t succeed. They couldn’t get this information from any of the pharmacists they asked, who answered they had never seen such pills and they didn’t believe they were distributed through the pharmacy network.

THE FIRST DIAGNOSE On the 17th of October 2004, the woman was sick, saying she was bleeding a lot and the belly was causing her severe pains. She went to the doctor and he forbid her to go to work after he gave her a certificate for a sick leave to rest in bed, because the pregnancy was in danger. However, there is no diagnose on the certificate. There is only a code, 2026. The N. family wanted to know the meaning of this code and they found out it was for lung and bilious problems. "I wanted to know the reason for which he didn’t write it was for pregnancy problems, but he answered: >", Catalina tells. "Then, he called me at the hospital for some tests, and he had always told me the results were within the limits. I only gave the urine sample at the hospital."

"He was calling me for an eco every two weeks and he was showing us something that was pulsing indeed, it didn’t have the shape of a child, but it was pulsing", the baffled woman says.

"After five months of pregnancy, my mother got sick and, in a very short period of time, she died. He didn’t let me go visit her at the hospital not to get in contact with the viruses and he didn’t even let me go to the funerals, saying that such a shock could make me lose the baby", Catalina remembers with tears in her eyes. "One month and a half later, I went to another doctor for an eco, I wanted to take a picture of the child and keep it and I knew Albota didn’t have this possibility. The respective doctor told me I wasn’t pregnant… I phone called Albota immediately and I told him all about it. He started shouting at me about going to all kinds of unwitting doctors. He called me at the hospital the next day and he put the Doppler on my belly to listen to my baby. I was indeed hearing something, which I thought it was the little heart of my baby, but I don’t know what to believe now"

"He even performed amniocentesis on her for four or five times, I saw the liquid taken out of her…", Catalina’s husband sobs.

The woman didn’t take any medicine in the past two months (she was supposed to give birth to her child two months ago - after nine months of pregnancy) and the doctor was calling her twice a week for consultations. "We were going every three days to the hospital having the packed bags with me and ready to deliver. He, before going in the operating room, was performing some tests on me, but his answer was always the same: be patient, the baby doesn’t come when we want, but when he wants." "I was already scared, the nine moths had already passed and he was still telling me >." "Once, he called us at the e.r. and he held us there for about four hours. During all this time, we were giving him phone calls, and he was telling us to be patient because he was on his way".

THE CHRONOLOGY "I had other pains on the 21st of August. He called me at the hospital, gave me a No-spa and sent me home. If the contractions continue, I will perform the operation, but if they don’t, it means they are false contractions".

On the 29th of August the woman suffered from severe bleeding, got scared and gave him a call - the same answer. "On Wednesday I was having some severe bleeding, I came to the hospital at 7:30 and, on a bench, I waited for the doctor to come. His wife came first, the staff told her about the problem and she saw Catalina. This is when they faced the most awkward situation - the parents were told the pregnancy had stopped evolving after the first ten weeks and she should have a curettage done immediately. Catalina’s husband went to the doctor’s home, brought him to the hospital, but they heard the same words: "who are you going to believe, me or my wife?" "Then, Catalina says, he got me a shot and performed the curettage, but he took out something so little that it fit in a small bottle of penicillin and said he would take it to biopsy". "After that, he told he would come back after a few hours, but he didn’t. I heard he is on leave of absence from today. However, he came to sign the papers for me to go home, but he didn’t come to me. "

COMMISSION IN CONSTANTA After the meeting that took place at the Constanta County Hospital, attended by the Hospital’s manager, Catalin Grasa, the PHD (Public Health Department) inspector Tanta Culetu and the heads of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department, a decision has been taken. The case has to be investigated very carefully. Inspector Tanta Culet says the story of the woman is unbelievable, because she knows Dr. Albota very well and she cannot imagine he could have done such a thing.

"Dr. Albota appeared as a great gynecologist and obstetrician ever since he was a student", the PHD inspector stated for us.

POSSIBILITIES Catalina looks like a pregnant woman now. She has a hard belly and she could breast-feed…if she had a baby. The Commission formed after the appearance of this scandal took a thorough look at her and told the woman she had never been pregnant. Her strong belief and wish of being pregnant might have caused these symptoms.