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07 Mar 2005   •   00:00

by MARIUS TUCA - 8th March 2005
Faithful - sometimes; interesting - always; lively; talented; covetous; frugal; big spenders; inpatient; absurd - sometimes; loving; jealous - more often than not; lenient - rarely; possessive - for good; devoted - from time to time Motherly; childish; pampered; victimized; ready - for anything; self-important; sensitive; pecking on your brains - all day long; funny; slanderers; reserved - only when they whish to; grave; gracious; thin - and dieting; heavy - and eating to their heart’s content; feminine; spiteful - day in and day out; pouring their hearts out - during day time; pensive - at night time; deep - on holydays; venomous- seldom; compassionate; witty; cynical - almost never; sarcastic - after the wedding party is over; mindful - after the Christening of the child; meek - after the second divorce; accomplished - after their first child; crushed - after the first abortion; born again - after the child’s first day in school; mature; enlightened - after the first grandchild; lifeless - after parting; charming - from a lipstick; childish - from a smile; timid - from a glance; flushed in their cheeks - from an inner thought; perverse - from God knows what; sensual - from a kiss; sour - for no reason at all; charming again - from their ear-rings; rapturous; happy - again for no reason at all; mysterious - since childhood; consumed - of love; prude; flattered; careless; martyrs; sweet; warriors; vaporous - during spring time and autumn time; transparent - at about the same times; rebellious - whenever they want to; transparent - from suffering; opaque - from indifference; easy - from jewels they get; refined - from the books they read; wealthy; sophisticated; complicated - out of curiosity; put down - out of injustice; unforgiving - unfortunately; strong - out of faith; serene - in their eyes; fragile - in their ankles; vulnerable - in their breasts; whispery - in their lips; submissive - in their knees; wavy - in their hair; wild - from their nature; fabulous - in their lust and desire; icons - to their children; women - as a play of words and as life itself … Women …

Translation : ANCA PADURARU

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