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Truth or Myth?

Autor: Miruna Mihalcea 08 Mar 2006 - 00:00
Truth or Myth?

EXPEDITION Dan Chisu Leaves for the Shamans Tomorrow
Dan Chisu leaves for Peru tomorrow. There, he would make a documentary with the live recording of the initiation into Shamanism. Jurnalul National will accompany the team during the entire expedition and will present the exclusive coverage of the event.

Jurnalul National: Why the Shamans?
Dan Chisu: Because someone interested in the drama of the initiation presented this project to me. The initiation is done far away, a few miles away from Lima. People get there by bus, by log canoe and, there, after six days of purification, Cristi will ingest ayahuasca, the substance used by the Shamans of those places to start the spiritual state necessary for the admittance into parallel worlds. We go with him to see the consequences…

It seems quite a risky project for everyone. Natural dangers and spiritual uncertainties…
Yes, but the idea of making a movie about someone that risks his life fascinated me. Before all of that, he will make a legal statement in which he says that everything is done with his will and that we will be able to use the footage no matter what.

How did he promote his project in order for you to support him? What was his shocking reason? Was it tragedy or curiosity?
I can’t speak for him. However, even though I saw his reason as rather strange, I was impressed by his determination. This is what made me look for sponsors, for financing, for the TV station to show the documentary, for the collaborators and other partners. So, everything is settled and we depart tomorrow!

How long will the trip be?
For Cristi, the one that will be intiated, two weeks. We, the rest of the group, will stay there one more week, because I want to shoot a few episodes for my gastronomic TV show. For example, I want to talk about the history of the tomato, which comes from Peru.


As far as you are concerned, what are you looking for? Why did you decide to join Cristi?
I am not helping him, I am helping myself. I like to create innovative products. I believe that such a documentary can be interesting. Quite shocking, I believe. It will be a documentary with four 26-minute-long episodes.

Will you be together with Cristi during all the steps of the intiation? Does the contract say anything about emergency medical assistance?
Yes, we will always be with him, but the contract doesn’t say anything about medical assistance, because there is no need for such things. The Shamans take care of everything. However, a psychologist will join the cure. I also found put that Juan Flores, the Shaman that will perform the initiation on Cristi is one of the greatest specialists in Shamanism. This is very important because there are a lot of crooks.

What do these crooks do? Do they sell drugs under this false pretext?
No. The shamans are some kind of wizards that indicate all kinds of herbs and tell you that they will cure you. The crooks sell ordinary herbs at high prices and tell you they are miraculous products. It is true there are famous Shamans that cured diseases in cases in which the doctors had given up any hope.

Reason, miracle or self-suggestion?

Do you think you will be able to elucidate the mystery of the miraculous cures?
This is what we are actually looking for. We want to see how much of it is truth and how much of it is myth. They say the trance makes them be able to reach a self-cognition much more profound than ours and this cognition guides them into the parallel worlds. There are speculations that refer to the fact that once they get into the trance they know the exact herb to use in order to cure. They are ancestral healers. There are rumors about treating breast cancer and about a plant that cures diabetes…

Is Shamanism based on the self-suggestion of the initiate?
We’ll see about that. Cristi is a quite rational guy. I, myself, have tried all kinds of experiments outside the world we live in and all clairvoyants and other persons that tried and didn’t succeed used to blame me eventually: "It doesn’t work if you don’t believe in this!". I am not from Missouri, but I would be quite fascinated by such a miracle than this simple answer. Now, I am interested in Cristi’s reaction to the things he will see there. Moreover, the Shaman said he would cure my problems with the blood pressure. I think it’s abnormal!

How did they agree to have an entire filming team present there all the time?
They are convinced of the fact that we will become believers.

Will you show the documentary, no matter the result?
I will do it no matter what. I hope to be able to make a movie in which the fiction would be this truth I am about to live. Cristi has already made his will…

Translated by SORIN BALAN
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